High Real Drink The Cups –

Drinking is a science in itself. Often, to pose the question is what should I drink and how much is enough… When it comes to our food, drinks are often neglected. But is drinking enough of importance for our health. Every day we deliver 2.5 litres of liquid via urine, stool, skin and lung about.

Food and drinks have the duty to compensate for this loss of water. Depending on the water content of the food, it is recommended to drink 2 liters per day to about 1. This amount we thereof affected, how much each one of us is physically active and the ambient temperature. Just during the conversion of the dining plan, attention should be paid to sufficient liquid. Best to delete his thirst with ungechlortem drinking water, natural mineral water or spring water. Whether intrinsically tap water is chlorinated or not, you can smell or taste, and in case of doubt in the public utilities ask for. Unsweetened fruit and herbal teas are available.

For the myriad mixtures and Flavors each find something that corresponds to his pleasure. Suitable drinks are fruit diluted with water and vegetable juices. Here is worth a look at the label. Preferable with 100% fruit juice is pure fruit juice proportion. Fruit drinks, fruit Nectars and soft drinks contain less fruit, but, like Cola drinks, often a very high sugar content. Through the existing isolated sugar these drinks thus properly contain energy, which, if it lies about our need for energy, finds himself on the hips. You would therefore actually be expected to the food. Also due to their strong treatment, these are not to be recommended ais soluble powder and instant drinks such as iced tea and sports drinks, as well as cocoa drinks.Coffee, black tea, beer and wine should be consumed only occasionally and not in large quantities. Because they contain different problematic ingredients, such as tannins, caffeine or alcohol. The stimulant caffeine leads to valuable minerals can bind an increased excretion of water and the tannins. This absorbs the body of less minerals. Grain coffee, which contains no caffeine and less tannins is a tasty alternative to Muntermachern such as coffee or black tea.Tea with pronounced medical effect, E.g. cough – calming tea, but also Peppermint or Chamomile tea, should not regularly be used over a longer period.Be safely dispense can enriched drinks, E.g. so-called sports drinks, which plenty of flavourings, synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to water and isolated sugars.In the feed, on artificial (E.g. soft drinks) and carbohydrate (E.g. pure fruit juices) drinks, measure should be kept. For additional amounts at most ensure that disturbed the natural nutrient balance and hinder the absorption of minerals.