Hotel Saiger Hut Bringent Tourists Like In The Erzgebirge

Hotel Saiger hut and Deutsche Bahn AG bring vacationers in the Saxon Ore mountains environmentally friendly and inexpensive. The Hotel looks forward to summer vacationers and Saiger Olbernhau / Ore mountains Lodge hotel in cooperation of Deutsche Bahn AG submits a very special offer for holiday guests families Olbernhau / Chemnitz / Berlin–in time for the start of the holiday. To the arrival or departure Saiger cottage hotel offers all guests a railway ticket from Deutsche Bahn AG. This railway ticket is particularly distinguished, because it applies on all trains of the Deutsche Bahn, be used without train binding and the ride to the hotel Saiger hut can be interrupted. This environmentally friendly and low-cost travelling to Saiger Lodge hotel is ideal for tourists who like to stress-free and comfortable would arrive at the destination. Since this ticket from all German railway stations is valid and can be used on all trains such as ICE, EC, etc., this is the alternative to arrive by car and petrol costs.

Also you should remember if you travel with children, the journey by train for all relaxed. You can make the order of railway tickets directly in the hotel booking on the phone or via the Internet from the hotel Saiger hut. The train ticket for the outward and return journey costs from EUR 44.00 per person. To determine the fare, there are only two price levels (up to 400 km away and beyond) in the grade 1 and 2. For the railway card owners there is a general reduction of EUR 15,00 per ticket ordered. Especially it’s worth noting yet, that in case of cancellation of the journey no cancellation for the train ticket costs.

More information can be found on the website of the hotels Saiger hut bahn.html. For us, this is a new way to offer our guests a special offer. Because our hotel Saiger hut close Olbernhau garrison of the ore mountain railway station, it goes without saying that we submit this offer to our guests’ means the operators couple Brit & Markus Gorny, it is especially attractive for guests hiking. like to drive with the car. Still, this offer is for the grandparents with their grandchildren is interesting, thus all experience a relaxed arrival at our hotel.” Hotel Saiger hut is in the protected area of the Saiger hut, a technical ensemble from the 16th century. The location of the hotel is unique and very popular with watersport and families. Hotel Saiger hut has already received many awards in the past 13 years, among other things, this hotel was the first hotel in the Erzgebirge mountains as a quality host was”awarded by the German hiking Association. Expected to be the famous Trail Ridge “, distance of Schoneck in the Vogtland up to Altenberg in the Ore mountains, as quality trail also by the German hiking Association awarded.