Housing Investment in Venezuela

Without investment Venezuela foreign end collapsing. “The Gorilla Hugo Chavez, will do the same as the former Soviet Union, China … resort to filthy foreign capital? “It will start to negotiate with transnational cursed and hates and criticizes both? Chile is a friendly country of India, has signed an FTA and we are partners with them on many projects and United States.Estados is also our partner, as this will also China and the European Union. If you are not convinced, visit Julio Diaz. Peruvians lot we owe to countries like Spain that our country has invested in 10,000 million euros, 216 million dollars Chile, Mintzer Group-USA is willing to invest 200 million dollars in infrastructure and housing in our country. We can not, nor should we be ungrateful with the Spanish, Chileans and Americans, we must join them, strengthening ties of friendship, economic, foreign trade, combating terrorism and threats to private investment, they have done in our country. We must respect the agreements, contracts, and show we are a country reliable, committed to the brotherhood of all countries of the world, not the divisiveness that promotes the gorilla Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales restaurant waiter. Therefore, the Peruvians do not have to worry about, because we have secured the future, we will sell gas to Chile, the United States, Mexico, which guarantees foreign exchange awfully years, inexhaustible love of minerals, animals and plants that we have and which holding may negotiate without bail, while respecting the rights of our peoples.