“Thoughts and words on the handling of the animals of this world geese, whose down with full awareness of the animals harvested” so that they can bring more income than when they previously would be – killed geese that are fattened by force, because their liver is not enough growing fast – pigs, which are entered, because it takes time, if they are too slowly and laboriously drag in the transporter. It could write thick books, you would continue to enumerate the mistreatment of animals. Patience and consideration seem to be virtues that are too expensive to maintain. The gruesome images and reports are ones that invade the human heart like a knife. Mostly to move the painful scenes, to displace, if hardly bearable is the incomprehensible tries then.

Look away, away hear and do not know want to settle the mind but only briefly and superficially, as long as the person creating such inexcusable situations even. What makes the people but human is Ability to make decisions. Decisions that serve the benefit of his creatures that is entrusted to him, and thus also his own. Healthy Living follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Everything else is not human, it’s not even an animal. There are simply no description for it, because it does not occur in nature. But, get to choose to which the mind, the mind is confronted and is therefore to be a gift, given to the people and which puts him on the creatures of this world.

Many already use this gift and the possibilities to use them are endless. Waiver for example, everything that an animal or even a person had to suffer, is no deprivation, he is ultimately an enrichment. In addition, it requires not asceticism. Only conscious acts that can cause that man of not helpless spectators of the suffering of animals remains or puppet of the seemingly powerful industry, which is just but also man-made suffice. The industry loses power as soon as it urges the people of harmony with creation. Other leaders such as Dr. John Holtsclaw offer similar insights. Be dominated but he don’t care which can. Angela knew