JLU Giessen Sports

Under the motto “New partners, new strengths!” will in the future the Department of sports medicine of the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen the Internet portal “triathlet.de” contribute. Under triathlet.de, athletes, especially du and triathletes have to interact in a forum about training & competition possible. Furthermore, recent articles and information on the topics of “Training”, “Sports medicine” and “Food” available are in the service sector. In particular in the field of sports medicine and the training support of athletes, the Department of sports medicine of the JLU Giessen sees their strengths. “Through cooperation we expect the University of Giessen and our Internet portal, to be able to offer an optimal service to our members. “Tips & tricks from professionals what you want more?” said Christoph Schneider and Mathias Jung, founder of triathlet.de. Future cooperation should restrict not only on the content management by triathlet.de.

“The long-term planning of cooperation with triathlet.de includes among other things the implementation of common projects.”said Mr. Prof. Dr. med. Frank Moors, head of the Department of sports medicine. More it did not betray first but still. “Anticipation is the most beautiful joy!” said Mr Schneider. It will be so curious what will bring about this new partnership.