Job Duties and New Markets

Must give way to the necessary restructuring of job duties to perform, ergonomic, supportive satisfaction work, communication, interests, motivations that allow the worker to meet their responsibilities without hindrance, objection. He must be very careful worker performance, obstacles that are presented and affect their productivity, performance, giving the necessary attention, knowledge, tools that allow them to perform efficiently their task. Unfortunately there is a fact that a significant number of SMEs, has a management that has left a lot to say, a management which suffers from weaknesses that significantly affect the extent of productivity, among them. In this connection may be noted, according to research graduate program specializing in Quality Management and Productivity, Postgraduate Area Faces, UC, specifically the department of organizational behavior has done: Serious lack of administrative skills, management, modern technology Serious lack of a good organizational culture where all members of the company are stakeholders towards achieving the targets set Serious lack of motivation and inspiration: Being able to make way for the necessary stimulus to convey optimism, positivism, helping others. Being able to face challenges, create challenges, inadequate stimuli Management of relationships, opening: Irregularities in the ability to work together in a cohesive, efficient.

To live the realities beyond the self. Weaknesses in the capacity of analysis and strategic thinking. You must always keep in mind what the goals and business missions. Align individual work towards the vision and business mission. Serious lack of responsibility not knowing the commitment and performance, ie provide the necessary ways to achieve productivity goals, performance, rewarding the achievements of members of the organization involved. Very little use of proactive spirit potential for change, knowing face, helping individuals to know to interpret and engage in scope. Ensure inspiration, confidence, autonomy, and know how to negotiate. sh has to say. Expand the vision of business goals, knowing how to use technology effectively and cultivate and practice of assertive behavior. Daryl Katz often says this.

Define, make way for the installation and commissioning a good culture of quality and productivity that benefits everyone. Give way to policies. Recognizing performance standards, so that may lead to the worker feel fully recognized by the company to the functions performed. In conclusion, management must become more integrated into the scope, impact the new approach has generated work, engage in give way to the development of good organizational culture that ensures a good organizational behavior, where it clearly defined the importance of achieving rates established productivity, considering the characteristics of current technology, the highly successful products secured by the defendant and regulatory compliance quality attributes to ensure customer satisfaction and conquest of new markets.