LASIK In Eyes-Zentrum Frankfurt

The LASIK surgery is one of the eye laser treatment for the correction of refractive error. Custom LASIK operations today are a proven way to replace contact lenses, such as glasses also. They are largely pain-free and in their mode of action of time. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dan Ariely. In any process of LASIK surgery removed a certain amount of corneal tissue by the eye surgeon, to correct the curvature of the cornea. The curvature of the cornea runs in several patients less than optimal, so that light rays no longer exactly meet the retina. For even more analysis, hear from Darcy Stacom. This creates a correct picture. To add corneal tissue, cut eye surgeons LASIK Frankfurt a flap (flap) in the surface of and are able, on the basis of the values determined in advance, to change the tissue of the cornea. The Hornhautflap is then folded back again and immediately blinzeln fixed.

The laser beams (Femto LASIK) LASIK Frankfurt act with precision, so that incorrect operations are virtually excluded or not known. The respective patient can again sharply immediately after the procedure and the risks of this surgery are also extremely low. The femtosecond laser has opened an innovative era of LASIK surgery, as all mechanical cuts in the surface of the cornea are now superfluous, and it allows a much more precise accuracy. The light of the laser in the femtosecond range covers distance only 0.3 m (the hundredth of a human hair), because the control is fine. The laser LASIK Frankfurt available use a mode coupling, where the energy in a very short time range is compressed. At the same time, it creates an extremely high energy density within this very short time such as also the length of the path. This, the patient feels nothing. Refractive surgery thus has a precision, which was never before attainable.

The specific advantages of each Femtosekundenlasers, which can also be used for various other areas, are:-an extremely low heat transfer, as well as – a very high peak intensity at simultaneous broadband spectrum. Especially complicated LASIK OPs has proven the accuracy and led to excellent results, which appeared inconceivable 10 years ago. A LASIK Frankfurt also the international standards with approximately 10 percent tolerance shall apply for carrying travel: only 5 diopter must be for rod vision (astigmatism) myopia are maximum 10 diopters and farsightedness + 4 diopters are the maximum limit. In order to realize a LASIK Frankfurt, measurements are required before surgery the corneal thickness as well as a corneal topography. The type of a corneal curvature or any corneal irregularities can be determined. The preliminary examinations include the measurement of pupil size (Pupillometry), a provision of tears film and the measurement of intraocular pressure and a general history. Clemens Weber