Learn Acoustic Guitar

STEP 1: Have a motivation was 2 years ago when I decided, when I said to myself I’m going to learn to play the guitar at once for all, at that time was with a girl, good thing is that it was fascinating to see the effect it had in women when you played them a song for me… I wanted to do the same, saw on television, in a reality show, a man played a song to a woman and she was fascinated and then she ended up exhausted before him.Maybe can sound very pretentious, but I wanted to make the same impact with my girl, and in general, with women, when I went to the beach, the guitar, play it would be a great strategy for meeting people. STEP 2: do not lose the motivation then, first thing I did was look up information on the internet, wanted to already start to play, but did not know how he was holding the guitar and BUA!, was a frightening noise. Unfortunately, my search on the internet was not so good, I found several pages, where explained everything very theoretical, only diagrams, components of the guitars, notes, the white, the black, good, nothing that really make me learn acoustic guitar. Search for videos and also were somewhat messy, information was still better than the texts, but not explained the issue of acoustic guitar, or it was very derivative, nothing to play the classics, of rock, love and heartbreak, to which we are accustomed. What could he do? I started classes individuals that cost $25 dollars a time, that not hard most of 5 classes, although they taught me things, was much money for what you did, only 60 minutes to see a song, us mark as he rasgueaba and as not to leave me the time (pulse) that could do so I just in my house with a metronome.