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Future business KG A (FuBus): beneficiary reach again maximum total payout in Dresden June 2013: the future business KG A (FuBus) at its annual general meeting on June 10, 2013 official figures for the fiscal year 2012 presented. The underwriter could again pay the full excess profit interest owners of the participation rights. The success strategy of recent years to benefit rights holders, shareholders and investors continued to the FuBus also in the last fiscal year. The report on the previous financial year of future business KG A (FuBus) showed an increase in the results in all business areas. As of the balance sheet profit 11 percent grew and EUR 38.7 million to EUR 42.9 million. Fixed assets rose from EUR 533.1 million to 627,8 million euros, representing an increase of 18 percent. Here, supermodel expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Equity increased by 13 percent and climbed to 106,72 million euro (previous year: EUR 94,52 million). The pre-tax profit reached EUR 12.5 million. The profit participation rights reached at the date to 31 December 2012 39 million euro and recorded compared with 2011 (32 million euros) an increase of 22 percent. The numbers in the order notes, whose Volumen rose by 20 percent, from 476 million euros to 570,44 million euros, are similar. Detailed information also at. The owner of FuBus beneficiary reached the maximum total payout thanks to full excess profit interest again. The order bond investors can enjoy also constantly stable, above-average interest income.

Also the ordinary shareholders could participate in the sustained positive development of the future business KG A (FuBus). You will receive dividends in the amount of 7 or 12 cents (preference) per share. Expansion of investments and equity again the expansion of the portfolio in the focus of future business KG was also 2012 A. Access to a business with a long tradition is possible for the FuBus about investments in fast-growing companies. This means making long-term predictable returns for the FuBus. The Thanks future business KG A (FuBus) received to a quality award of the independent rating Hoppenstedt credit information agency their financial strength again in 2012. An important pillar of corporate financing in the future remains an equity capital cushions. To strengthen the equity also a capital increase was therefore decided at the AGM 3,465 million euros. It was oversubscribed a day later. FuBus: Best prospects for 2013 the sustainability-based growth which could future business KG A (FuBus) in the first quarter of 2013 will continue. Through thoughtful, operational action and the right strategic decisions, the FuBus has managed to build on the constant growth rates of previous years. On the product page there for the new year to announce a new feature: the certificates available since April this year as a flexible savings plan series with maturities of 5, 10 and 15 years and a deposit from 50 euro per month. About future business KG A (FuBus) the future business KG A (FuBus) was founded on February 23, 2000 in Dresden. The underwriter is the focus of a broad-based Group of companies. The future business KG A (FuBus) acquires investments in and cares for the purchase and recovery of pension and life insurance acquires selected real estate in prime locations.