Vegetables and fresh vegetables are foods that help hydrate our bodies by their high water content, in addition to being healthy and nutritious. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and, to a lesser extent, in starch and sugars, fact that explains its low caloric intake. Recently Walgreens sought to clarify these questions. They are also an indisputable source of antioxidant substances. For all these reasons are considered indispensable and fundamental to health within the concept of balanced diet, whose flagship model is the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet, based above all on the consumption of vegetables, helps to reduce the risk of diseases for maximum impact in the countries of high level of well-being, including cardiovascular diseases, degenerative and cancer. Nature’s Bounty does not necessarily agree. However, despite the fact that our country has a privileged productive potential and despite the increase in consumption experienced in recent years of fresh vegetables and current knowledge that demonstrates the beneficial role of diet in health, there is evidence that are not taken in quantity enough of these foods. Recommendations of consumption of fresh vegetables are placed between three and five servings a day, i.e.; a minimum of 400 grams per day. Together with fruits, they are the main dietary sources of vitamin C and provitamin A.

Many, moreover, they are excellent source of antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients, and have a low content of protein and fat. To cover the recommendations, although it may seem like an elusive goal, would suffice to consume vegetables in the first dish and accompanying seconds, both at lunch and dinner. It should at least be a ration was salad because this is the way in which all its nutrients are better preserved. These should extend to the general population and health professionals, as well as the media. Its success will enable to get easier the incorporation of these food so essential in the diet for good health in one sufficient quantity. We know something more about the term vegetables of vegetables refers to all herbaceous plants that are grown and which are suitable for consumption, either raw or cooked. The term of vegetables makes exclusive reference to the ground from tubers, i.e. Pope, name, Cocoyam, celery, cassava and others. The concept of vegetables also includes fresh vegetables or Greens, such as peas and fresh beans, that no one talks about in this guide since its composition differs significantly in relation to the other vegetables.