Michael Jackson: Which Song Is The Most Popular?

Recent survey on news.de on June 26 died Michael Jackson at the age of 50 in Los Angeles. Since then, his death is on everyone’s lips. Hardly a day goes by when not another, often exquisite detail of his life is reported. Click Jenny Craig to learn more. Already in his lifetime, one spoke of Michael Jackson as the King of pop”, his death makes him immortal. He arrives as one of the greatest musicians in the history of music. Jackson composed numerous songs, leading the charts. The sale of fan articles and albums by Michael Jackson soaring currently again in the height.

But what are the most popular pieces of music? The nation-wide Internet portal a recent survey with 1071 respondents carried out. Moreover, users voted what song of Michael Jackson’s personal favorite song. “25 percent of the respondents stated that the title thriller” is her favorite song. Closely followed by the song of the Earth”, for the 23 percent voted. Three placed the title of Billie Jean”. 21 percent chose this song of the King of pop.

11 per cent listen Heal the World” prefer. The song black or White”is liked to hear from 10 percent of the respondents. 7 percent voted for man in the mirror”. The song remember the time”was declared by three percent of the respondents to the favorite song. More information:../es-veraendert-einfach-alles.html contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59