Mom Fashion Beauty

You’re a mom and you’re still thinking about being ‘fashionable’? That’s the kind of response I got from someone I went shopping with. All I did was go shopping with this mom and when we passed a fashion outlet selling fashionable clothing and apparel, I commented that I wanted to head ruffled pink with green accents file that is flying off the shelves with a label of 70% off! Is it bad to be a mom and still want to be fashionable? In my personal opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a fashionable mom! Being a mother does not mean we give up our rights to be in fashion, beauty and health. Being a mother does not mean that our lives and every life care has gone from ‘we the family’ to”. Of course, without a shred of doubt, the mother of zapping your energy and any mom with a fashion sense I can say that it takes a lot to be a mom to fashion. It takes effort to clothe the children? Imagine trying to find time clothes top fashion skirts fashion? And then find the damn bag fashion with the same color and tone to go with the same color as fashionable shoes! What an effort! When we were going to be unique, trying to be fashionable, there used to be an effort, right? In fact, fashion clothes removing the shelves and put them seems to come naturally to most of us when we are young and LOOKING! Now that we’re not looking anywhere else but our children, we believe an effort only to be fashionable? And yet, being a mom fashion is possible! Absolutely! All you need is a little effort, planning and common sense. And work on it! Marsha Maung is a freelance graphic designer and editor who works from home. She designs clothing and special and is the author of “Raising little magicians”, and the popular “The spear in freelance. .