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Fashion For Mama. Additional information is available at Dr. Gerard Addonizio. At this stage, even though we are very happy, when we approach the cabinet do not know what to do, we do not have our clothes and on top of your mom’s aunts begin to give you items that they used for years, with ruffles, teddy pastel, full of bows, embroidery, in short, a perfect disguise baby crib! This does not end when the baby is born, you’ll see that huge nappy receive gift bags with dolls pastel Goodbye! Where was the glamor? Yes, I know, go and by this stage, you wake up one day about the third or fourth month of pregnancy and when you think the worst has passed and nausea have subsided, you are surprised to learn that shopping is no longer is a necessity because anything you have left. A few weeks ago the problem was resolved to leave open the button of your jeans, but for now, and no plane rise above your hips Relax do not panic, before shopping please take into account the following recommendations. a Select loose clothing, loose saying does not mean you buy clothes 5 sizes larger than yours, you have to make room for your belly continues to grow, but you must take care that not too loose your shoulders, on the sole time in your life, you let your belly highlight. Please do not buy a girlish clothes with monkeys and stuff, remember you’re a grown woman with a baby inside, but adults, and clothe your baby with this type of clothing, if tender is to see you do not need dress up anything. tenderness comes from your eyes to use special pants pregnant if you only use big pants and no pregnancy, your ass will look very strange.

These are specially designed to highlight current figure statue. a V-neck tops and baggy in the part of the womb looking good, as are appropriate to the size of your shoulders, neck makes you look less puffy face and highlight your belly, nice looking design to go to the office. a The recommended fabric should be fresh, preferably natural fibers like cotton, even if cold weather, the baby will keep you warm, but if you need to cover you choose double-breasted jackets, which are tied raincoat type are excellent:. a Keep your feet as cool as possible, if it is summer a comfortable low-heeled sandals or flat-heeled are ideal if you choose cold weather comfortable shoes and soft leather at this stage are not suitable boots, recalls your legs are swollen. a As for the underwear must also be special for your state, buy only underwear larger sizes will probably fit you well back in front but you lots of space left over. With regard to the support rings goodbye to pick cotton bras and wide straps. a As you can see not so hard put beautiful clothes that make you feel sexy and comfortable because maybe your belly never been so great but I guarantee you your eyes shine ever.