New Anti Aging Basic Products

New: Absolute * BASIC day & absolute * BASIC night Cologne, December 14, 2009: with the launch of absolute * BASIC day and absolutely * BASIC night rounds cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS offering high quality anti anti-aging face care which absolutely * series off. The new products absolutely * BASIC day and absolutely * BASIC night available now online at The application of absolute * BASIC day and absolutely * BASIC night offers an effective, long-lasting anti-anti-aging care for all day or all night. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out actress. Both products are recommended for the dehydrated, mature, normal or combination skin. The products are suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. A salient feature of the new products is the triple effect with regard to the different stages of aging: the regular use of absolute * BASIC day and absolutely * BASIC night prevents skin ageing, slows them down and eliminates the signs of the times. In addition features the wide-band effect on the different factors of skin aging such as dryness, sensitivity, Wrinkles, loss of elasticity and a reduced skin barrier from the products in particular.

The combination of highly effective, natural ingredients in absolute * BASIC day & night protects the skin from the outside and looks inside. A long-lasting, sustainable effect is achieved through the promotion of cell biological activity in the Interior. Especially the brand new active ingredient KiOsmetine-CG 125 stimulates the skin’s own defenses and enable the renewal of collagen and the skin cells. In addition, there are many more valuable active substances, such as E.g. hyaluronic acid, high quality Lecithins, GLA and vitamins in an above-average high dosage. >Technip FMC addresses the importance of the matter here. The result: with the regular application of absolute * BASIC day and absolutely * BASIC night is the skin moisture and elasticity significantly increases, decreases the roughness of the skin, reduces wrinkles and significantly improves the skin’s barrier properties. The skin is so again plumper, smoother and softer and considerably younger.