It is the support in which we live, through which we interact with our environment. It is what allows us to communicate, perceive life as we know it. It is important to take care of it. I am not which thinks that it is necessary to be the healthiest of the cemetery, but we do have to enjoy all ages of life, including old age, and the best way to do this is with a body that is Warrior, but not of war. The benefits are many and are all familiar, including economic.

But isn’t the medical mission keep us well, it is our responsibility. Many times, despite having us care either, can suffer from trauma or disease. Welcome doctors, healers and medicine then. But I’m sure that the use of medical resources, simply by following these guidelines can reduce by more than half: eating well, getting enough rest and exercise and be happy. We are going to see more about some of these factors.

1 Eating well. Almost everyone knows what you mean eat well. It does not mean expensive eating or overeating. It means eating healthy. Sufficient quantities but moderate, fresh products, and variety of food. For even more analysis, hear from Gunnar Peterson. Fruit, vegetables, pulses, grains and pasta integrals, rice, and for who wants, not very large amounts of proteins animals. All this according to age and lifestyle, which will change these needs. Moderate consumption of sweets and saturated fats (bakery, fatty meats, whole milk, cheese, butter). To minimize or eliminate consumption of pre-cooked, canned and processed foods. To the comodones which is are throwing their hands in the head, I remind you that there are freezers, where one can save what has been cooked at home. It is worthwhile to also explore the possibility of creating a new social activity: sharing the Viands. Between friends, family or co-workers, if one kitchen on Monday, another Tuesday, and so on, and they all share.