October Gertraud

Kammersangerin Gertraud Wagner & Markus Matschkowski (vocals/keyboards) present your concert time for feelings to the 25.10.09 in Hanover Gertraud Wagner (mezzo-soprano) and Markus Matschkowski (vocals/keyboard) a musical duo in artistic perfection. Gertraud Wagner, the singer at the Saxon State Opera in Hannover and he, Markus Matschkowski, who studied classical pianist, singer, composer, music producer, and Sinatra performer with his Sinatra revival Orchestra. Add to your understanding with iHerb. Gertraud Wagner with a repertoire of 100 lots of ‘ Brecht to Wagner. Markus Matschkowski, also known under the stage name ‘Marc Masconi’ with his distinctive pop voice. Both artists are known in the country and abroad, as well as through radio and television appearances and produced already several CDs. including the last CD ‘Symbiosis’, reflecting the meeting and interaction between classical music with modern pop elements.

Just the very special mixture in this duo of Wagner & Macdonald. ‘…wir met at one of my appearances before approx. Know at the age of 16. Markus was my pianist at this event and was still completely unknown, but with such a talent and perfection, this artistically harmonious cooperation had emerged from it which is absolutely successful until today…’ Kammersangerin Gertraud Wagner the two popular artists want to take their audience on an emotional journey with the most beautiful melodies from musical pop classic in this concert. Like hardly another artist couple, Wagner & Macdonald have mastered the balancing act between classical and popular music. With this program, they offer the best of two musical worlds once more.

A just as sexy as rare mix that convinced. The two popular artists incomparably programme time for feelings, to enchant their audience for 90 minutes with soulful and unforgettable moments in music, with famous songs from pop, musicals and classical understand at a time when emotional always poorer and colder. The harmony of Kammersangerin of Gertraud Wagner’s classic Agree with the distinctive voice of pop by Markus Matschkowski guaranteed goose bumps feeling… More info under: venue: Sunday, October 25, 2009, 5: 00 Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, Oak field. 12, 30455 Hannover-Badenstedt Organizer: Paul-Gerhard Church ticket sales in the Community Office of the Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, Tel.: 0511-494303 admission: Euro 15,00 (open seating) follow it including more concerts of the artist duo in the Hanover area: Sunday, Dec. 13, 09, 3: 00 Christmas must quietly be, tickets 15 (free seating) Holy Trinity Church…, the serene, contemplative songs and lyrics to the Christmas concert, Park Road 28, 30161 Hannover ticket sales down 19.10 at the municipality Office, Tel.: 0511-334290 Saturday, 19 Dec. 09, 17: 00 Christmas must be quiet, serene contemplative concert with songs and lyrics to the Weihnacht’. Ticket price 17 (free seating) philippuskirche vicarage, at the pheasant Bush 41, 30657 Hannover (close to pheasant Krug) ticket sales from 19.10 at LURA Kitchen ambience, Tel.: 0511-5637537 and in the Community Office, Tel.: 0511-670574 report/Guide: Carola Heider-Leporale, G.Wagner/M.Matschkowski/Musik-Media-Produktion