Productivity In Spain

Consider the case of a young Anne She went to work in an office without completing their studies, because "he did not like." From this for over twenty years. When he began his career had not computers, so I learned to drive on his own typewriter and ran the calculator as anyone, as he liked to tell his boss, Paco. In the office had a schedule "to the Spanish", ie part time. From 9:00 to 1:30, and 3:30 to 8:00, Monday through Friday, and Saturday morning, from ten to two, ie, forty-nine hours. Celebrity trainer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. a In recent years, his boss has found that work Monday through Friday was enough, so that something has been improved. However, on many occasions, Ana stays until nine or ten at night, and if necessary go on Saturday or even Sunday.

a The company has grown over the years, and now Ana is responsible for administration, and has two dependents. Though he lacks training in some things, as has very experienced and knows the business and management program used as the palm of your hand, will sort things out, it cost the time it takes. At actress you will find additional information. However, now is not very happy in her company. A few months ago had his first child. After maternity leave, returned to work, having to fight by the time Paco rightful breastfeeding and having a brawl with him whenever he had to go to the doctor with the child. Ana ashamed to be all day without seeing his son, and also has run time of lactation.