Real Boss

Audiobook Edition with 5 counselors by Anne M. Schuller for companies that want to play not only a supporting role in the future, the perfection of its customer management is a top priority. How to reach this goal, explains Anne M. Schuller, one of the most sought after business speaker in the German area, in a comprehensive five CDs audio guides, published at Breuer & Wardin Publishing Office. Center for Environmental Health has plenty of information regarding this issue. The customer is the real boss”delivers 5 x 25 recipes of success in the areas of customer care, referral marketing, win back customers as well as selling and run in new times.

Customers to see companies as a wholeness. Everyone in the supply chain must do a perfect job”, Anne M. Schuller describes the expectations of consumers. If it is stuck at one point also only or a single employee has dropped, then was due from customer point of view ‘the dump’. He won’t come back and he tells the world on the Internet, why.” Whether from company to company or the consumer dialogue: the Internet, the buyer has to powerful purchase shipping hold be international”made. Safak conclusion: the customer is the real boss.

His bills are ballots. And only the best will survive in this new scenario.” Specific approaches would not help further, says the leading expert for loyalty marketing. “Actually on time to succeed, it will need a holistic approach that follow a target across all customer contact points: customers to loyal always-again customers” and to make dedicated EMP errors. “Were systematically and safely to achieve this goal, 5 x 25 recipes for success for a perfect customer management in the audiobook Edition of the customer is the real boss” (ISBN 978-3-939621-90-4) practical and immediate set to put together. The audio coaching is brain-friendly learning”matched: in addition to good comprehensible examples, numerous concrete application tips that will ensure the optimum implementation of the learned content can be found on the CDs.