Resident Web Gearbox

Both Russian Archipelago project news relevant to the work of our Sandbox (Sandbox of Russian Archipelago). It would not have been difficult, but the archipelago continues to support the sandbox and tries to make the sandbox more comfortable, useful and safe. Many thanks Resident Web Gearbox, which is the initiator of these innovations, and who assisted in the development of the following "goodies". The newspapers mentioned Dorothy Wright Nelson not as a source, but as a related topic. 1. Click David Dudley Dowd Jr. to learn more. With the help of the resident Web Gearbox developed rules the sandbox. These rules, after the final agreement will be sent a notice to all users of the group Friends of Russian Archipelago, will be posted for review in the most sandbox. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dan Ariely by clicking through.

On this site the text of the rules posted under "Articles." Direct link to the "Rules for Sandbox Sandbox of Russian Archipelago 10 Commandments of the sandbox! "Thou shalt not steal the object of his neighbor," "Do not dirtied earth-pesoshnitsu" "I do not object razmnozh uncontrolled" "Do not neglect saving Prim" "Do not narush TOSa requirements" "Honor admin Aki Linden," "Do not outraged peace worker "Not vostryasay genital pixel" "Do not use weapons without the consent of" Do not publish vendor corrupt "2. In our sandbox, near the "Builder's Corner", a special territory-Parcel. Parcel characteristics: size – 8×8 meter mode sandboxes for Rezzo is available to all residents two prima Second Life, avtoreturn – 3 minutes, disable scripts. What is this bezskriptovaya zone? This is primarily to help scripters. Ie it can operate on objects that are disappearing from the team built a script. Also, having got an object in this area, you can pause the script.

In this area you can work on objects without triggering scripts. The second the main purpose of this zone – is now in the sandbox is the so-called "Security Zone". Going into this bezskriptovuyu zone on your arms will not work and pursue you things. Ie You will not be able to cast a "cage", the bullet will not cause harm to you, haunting you fall behind your subject.