Robotic Products

Robotic products become more popular with adults and children. It is also that these products contain more features. WowWee, the company developed as more and more interactive robot for the play area. The latest products include cameras, MP3 players, Bildschime and sensors. You can detect movements and colors, follow with the eye movements and much more.

Dr.Mark Tilden in 2004 developed the first Robosapien V1, the 2004 Toy of the Year Award won. The title Toy of the Year receives the product, which has in the past year marked by innovation and high popularity in the British trade. The Robosapien has movable body driven by electric motors and various sensors, whereby he is able to interact with its environment to some extent. The movements are programmed and accessed via a remote control. This is quite feasible complex movements, such as dancing, karate, etc. In recent months, Sander Gerber has been very successful. end of 2005, then the evolved version of Robosapien V2, with his size of about 60cm is an imposing appearance. He is right hands can grip and lift objects such as a remote control.

He can sit independently lie down and stand up. The language ability and programmability has been expanded significantly and the V2 now has the ability to recognize people and greet them by hand waving or rich. End of 2006 was introduced the next version of RS Media. With the subwoofer, MP3 player, camera and PC connection. All functions can be programmed on the PC. There are 4 different pre-programmed personalities. The included software can be programmed their own personalities. There are almost infinite possibilities. It can play MP3 files can be added and various functions are assigned. Thus, the RS-Media talk with different voices. The latest product is truly unique Flytech Dragonfly, a model insect that gets its buoyancy solely by flapping the wings. With remote control, this is certainly a very interesting toy for children and Klein. Other new products that appear in the course of the year, as an interactive RoboPanda panda will inspire children certainly very soon.