Nose of cauliflower (Strawberry) or a cauliflower nose rhinophyma is a condition, in other words, rosacea. In general tend to have this symptom of rosacea more men than women. Many times without reason they speak of these people as alcoholics. This can have psychological consequences. The treatment for this nose is an operation or drugs.

The nose of cauliflower cauliflower nose is also called rhinophyma. It is a swelling of the skin of the nose that looks uneven or lumpy and the color red is often. For this reason they also say a nose of strawberry. Other names are also potato or cauliflower nose is not to insult but by the shape of the nose. The cause of cauliflower nose looks especially in older men have rosacea. Really do not know what causes, but if you know that it is the dilation of the blood vessels in the nose.

Why blood does not flow, which has resulted in an infection. They begin to leave nodules and bumps and the typical red colour of the skin. On the surface of the nose glands Sebaceous swell and because of this, many people believe that people with a cauliflower nose are alcoholics, but drink much alcohol, you don’t have a cauliflower nose. Cauliflower nose treatment is often a part of another condition, e.g., rosacea. For treatment, look at what this condition. This can be done with drugs. There’s always that go to a dermatologist. After having tried the nose with drugs, the next step is an operation. Swelling of the skin of the nose peeled it up the layer of skin more deeply. In a week or two will grow a new layer of skin of the nose. Sometimes the condition is so serious that they have to remove layers up to more deep and this is called a skin transplant. Psychic to many people with rosacea compare them with alcoholics because people who consume much alcohol also dilates you vessels blood and why have the red face. In persons with a cauliflower nose this dilatation is a condition. People with a nose, is they are ashamed of their nose, people speak ill of them, or laugh at them. For this reason may have psychological damage, they leave out out, they lose friends and sometimes work. When you suffer rosacea and/or nose cauliflower talk to your environment and explains that it is this condition and the cause and so avoid that people speak ill of you or you look bad.