Silicone Foot Orthoses

Silicone earbuds for the treatment of corns and bone in the foot. To eliminate the pathological symptoms of the foot and reduce the discomfort of diseases there is a very large number of various devices that can be purchased in specialized shops, stores or pharmacies. The seemingly complex variety of products for the foot has its own classification, which allows to freely navigate the a wide range of products. Orthotics insoles-complete. The size of the insole exactly match the size of the foot and completely covers all of its divisions. The most commonly used in closed shoes, which allows place the soles so that they remain invisible. Orthopedic polustelki.

Size is smaller than the soles of the foot. As a rule, have a length polustelki about three-quarters the length of the foot. This type of orthopedic products widely used in the narrow model, open shoes, since foot polustelki completely closed, which makes them invisible to others. In-pelota. Products designed to support a certain area of the foot (Longitudinal arch, transverse arch, the base of the fingers). They are used for unloading of the foot, produced less than half the length of the foot. Applied in an isolated pathology of the foot, to wear open shoes. Heel.

Products for the relief of heel area. Most often repeats the shape of heel size heel. To treat corns and seed at the foot of the whole range of orthopedic products of greatest interest are in-ear pelota and heel, which help to deal effectively with the above-described problems of the foot. Currently, the prevention of foot problems are widespread and silicone gel products. Silicon – a kind of special rubber, which has high elastic properties, sufficient wear resistance and inertia in relation to the skin and its secretions. The composition of silicon in its production can be enter up to 15% mineral oil, which helps fight skin roughness and callosity during application of products.