Snow Chains

What are the tire chains? Functionally, the tire chains (or, more precisely, snow chains) – is, in fact, a removable protector which gives the ability to turn an ordinary road tire in the wheel off-road. Structurally, it's a chain, often reinforced, connected so as to evenly braid around the circumference of the tire. This design consists of two longitudinal chains or ropes – internal and external, taking place on circumference of the wheel, which are connected by transverse chains or rubber 'cleats'. Why do they need? Appointment chains – to significantly increase the grip of the wheels (and, consequently, cross-country car) on ice on loose snow, deep mud, etc. In practice, it might look like. You go on fishing, hunting or picnic – drive through 100 km of asphalt road surface on normal tires, and then turn right on dirt road, where the very start 'Tough off-road'. Center for Environmental Health describes an additional similar source. Then put on tire chains – and you can safely go further, with a much less likely to stall or get stuck in the mud.

And places such as, for example, icy steep slopes where the car will not keep spikes even without the wheel circuits to overcome the super difficult, even on the bus with spikes. Modern chain quickly and easily mounted, without being hit and lift the car and are made of special alloy. Chain – the best way of off-road. The company "Bus-A". Offer you a wide range of products for all types of transport. Consultation. SHIPPING anywhere and regions.

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