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BellandVision CEO missing transparency of savings Cologne/Pegnitz, September 2, 2008 – the Managing Director of the Pegnitzer waste disposal specialists BellandVision, Thomas Mehl, calls for in an interview with the Germany radio dlf/broadcasts/interview… the transfer of savings on the green dot to the end user. Up to 400 could millions of euros annually through the competition of companies passed on the trade – and thus reducing the consumer portion to the recycling system. Competition without benefit to the consumer is deemed not very useful. Experts estimate that by competition each year approximately 300 to 400 million euro can be saved. Now it comes but to arrive the savings those who actually pay the disposal, recycling, and the consumer are the. Click Henry Chao to learn more. “Paid since the founding of the German packaging Ordinance namely every consumer when purchasing everyday products over the purchase price equal to recycling of the packaging with”, so flour. At the total costs a majority of products according to its depending on the packing size, but also material between a half hour and ten cents.

Taking into account the new rebates, product prices for the consumer thus by up to three cents could be reduced. I think that would be a nice savings for the consumer”flour told the Germany radio. The manufacturer would not give further partially achieved discounts to the trade. For retailers it is completely opaque. That has resulted in that trade continues in its purchase price paid old high license prices and assumes the consumer so empty”, criticized flour. Just because you have recognized the possibility for cost savings, many retailers have become partners of his company.

These traders want to clean up the prices of unnecessary charges to lead the living to a tolerable level. Critically, the disposal expert with the expressed so These free-rider apart, the collection and recycling facilities without consideration wurden-take advantage of the some people are so rude and leave with pay the licensing fees from trading in the purchase price, without to deduct these fees but on a dual system. “And here we speak not of exceptions, but by an estimated 20 to 25 percent, which undermine the system of the yellow bag collection to their economic advantage”, complained the BellandVision Chief in an interview with the Germany radio.

Energy Provider

And every year attracts the bonus payment… The search can take a long time in claim according to the cheapest tariff for electricity and gas. Often the tempting offers of the companies reward only conditionally, for example, if annual consumption is higher than assumed. From this point of view, the price differences between the large energy companies and the cheap energy discounters are rather small. The consumer portal reveals what tricks spenders press their tariffs. Who are looking at regular intervals a new energy suppliers, will benefit from a premium of up to 120 euros.

The one-time bonus payment can be collected every year new and outweighed by the high prices of Basic. Continue to learn more with: David Rothberg. The constant change of the supplier of electricity and gas is too cumbersome, should invest sufficient time in the selection of tariffs. A contract with a low basic price is recommended in singles and pairs. Multiple person households should observe, however, the electricity or gas prices, which are charged in cents per kilowatt hour. The prices are different up here, depending on the region. The choice are different electricity provider.

The four big corporations E.ON, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall have the greatest impact. Energy discount stores such as Eprimo, Entega and Nuon curl with reasonable prices, are but not worthwhile in any case. Also, eco electricity provider, Stadtwerke, or any intermediary offer attractive rates. Fare product calculators are a great way to find the right offer in the Internet. Postal code and an annual power consumption be equally observed. A comparison of results with increasing electricity or gas consumption is strongly recommended. The one-off bonus bonus is usually considered by the programs. More information: service/press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH