Russian Academy

In our time, important to know at least one foreign language. The most optimal, probably would be, to learn English. English is spoken by most types half the population of the globe. Celebrity trainer wanted to know more. Knowing this, you can increase your professional skills to help their children in learning. English is needed even in everyday life, in order to read the instructions for household appliances (in fact not always applied its translation into Russian or Ukrainian language). Ways English language mass: a variety of techniques, courses, schools, computer programs, tutorials, video tutorials and so on.

We'll concentrate on learning English according to the method by Ilona Davidova. This method exists more than 10 years, helping people to achieve this goal. There are two courses of the rapid method: the linguistic and literary. Linguistic course is designed for self-study conversation. The course considered household conversation (dialogue, sentence structure, basic grammar).

Studied the vocabulary of the course consists of more than 3000 words. Method as systematized, built on knowledge in the field human psychology and the possibilities of his memory. The program is specifically designed to study the English language, which is very important. It is designed for people who do not have much time for training. Express method by Ilona Davydova took place at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the special tests. This audiokurs differs from others in that the audio course uses specific sounds that are contribute to better learning and memorizing the material taught. Signals at these rumors are not recognized and treated at the subconscious level.

Investigative Committee

Topics of issue: In Moscow will be consulting center on environmental issues. Breathing city air as harmful as smoking. Norilsk Nickel was given permission to illegal pollution. Sold on eBay insect unknown to science. —- FocusNote Muscovites environmentally advise …

In Moscow will be consulting center on environmental issues. The source of the Volga receives the status of National Nature Reserve. Beijing Olympics forced China to take a fresh look at environmental problems. See Daryl Katz for more details and insights. The cataclysms of nature, there is lit, there pours. On the island of Bali have discussed ways to keep populations of sea turtles. Scientists have shown that the behavior of birds affect global warming. Breathing city air as harmful as smoking.

Zoologists have discovered a rare species of leopard on Borneo Island. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Norilsk Nickel made illegal permits to pollute have Norilsk Nickel over problems with the environment. This time, it became clear that not all permits for emissions of hazardous substances have been lawfully obtained. According to official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor (CSP), Vladimir Markin, an employee is suspected of causing RTN damage to the state about $ 1 billion rubles … —- On the eBay auction sold unknown to science For insect unique find was paid a total of 20 pounds. A scientist who bought on internet auction site eBay drop of amber with insects frozen in it, he found that he had purchased a previously unknown type of science. Richard Harrington – Vice-President of the Royal Society of entomologists – to pay the seller of Lithuania for its acquisition of a total of 20 pounds (about U.S. $ 40). He then sent for examination of insect remains in Denmark, results which showed that the finding is not extinct species of aphids as described by scientists … —- In Australia, the baby humpback whale put to sleep, whose mother threw Australian environmentalists lulled baby humpback whale which threw his mother, said Friday AFP referring to the representative of the National Park Service and Wildlife Chris McIntosh of the country (Chris McIntosh). “The cub had been lulled gently and humanely. It was a sad moment, but he quietly went to sleep ‘, – said the Mac ..

Average Level

The present work guideline in the vision of the pupil of referring average education to the ministrao of disciplines of literature of the public net, in the city of Groaras, disclosing little the case that the alunado one in a general way of to this disciplines. It is since great part of this must the form with priority as the great majority of the professors works the study of literature in classroom. It is added this, still, the fact of the pupils not to like reading very. This junction, adding itself other factors is clearly, seems to be great ‘ ‘ barreira’ ‘ that day-by-day it comes causing each time more the indifference for literature this city. Word-key: Indifference. Education of Literature. For even more analysis, hear from supermodel. Groairense Alunado.

INTRODUCTION It currently has a great concern how much to the uncertain future of the education of Literature in our schools, in view of each time more to observe the reduction in the load horria of the same one in the curricular gratings of the education institutions. As if this was not enough, ‘ still exists great; ‘ x’ ‘ of the question; how the educator will have to work literature in form room that its study is attractive for educating? The reply for this question certainly he will cause the form as the learning sees this disciplines, that is, the importance that it of to the literature education! Observing it brusque reduction that literature comes losing in the half pertaining to school is each more complicated time it professor to develop a methodology that approaches pupil and literature. THEORETICAL BASEMENT ‘ ‘ It is a bag! Study to only make the test, when I can I give one jeitinho and I always fish! Of it advances that me to know of the life of this mount of author? He is very flat! Therefore it demands much patience, because decorao’ is practically alone; ‘.

Alexander Makedosky

That measures the length of his own every millimeter and weighs the weight of a kilogram. Someone only one ‘Lada’, and to whom, and a pair of ‘Mercedes’ little. Some one wife – the limit, others always need a harem. People in times as dense knitted brows over these same issues. Some have achieved great wisdom – amount of happiness does not always equal the number of barns. But the truth so I could not pass on to others … What more property, the more trouble.

The most attentive noted that when life goes from a very wealthy man, among his descendants often have resentment because of unfair from their point of view, divided inheritance … But the main thing, too, is not it. Alexander Makedosky when he died, looked back on his life and was horrified at how many he done. But something he did understand. He ordered a coffin to bury him in with open arms.

And so with open arms and carried him … And everybody saw that he was holding nothing, nothing is such that he can carry off. In extremes of course also do not need to rush. And then the descendants will appreciate the fact … (And my favorite nephew, who said that the main health, not wealth – I bequeath to their athletic sneakers ..) Remember the non-Russian tales Sadko: search for happiness, he went overseas. Long sought. Returned. Ask countrymen: – Well, you found the bird of happiness? Show me! – Yes.’s She – the land of my own! .. They look and do not understand. -Where? – Yes, right in front of you, take a look at his feet. Native land! – Well not hell itself! Why the same … we send you, you blockhead with harp!:. It is incomprehensible to them. They’re in his adventures were not involved! Maybe happiness in the profession? Then who is happier: the pilot high altitude or Submariner? As children we were absolutely convinced that the happiest people – a seller of ice cream. Well, imagine that you were going all the time just for this purpose. Come. Pyalites a box of ice cream inside reading the logs: Ay! Happiness where are you? No luck. And it seemed so close, so possible … So that the profession or, say, the external data, and can be, and health (continue mourning our list themselves) did not really define when it comes to human happiness! This we already know. And where and in what to look for a criterion of happiness?