Prosper Integrally

1 Key number one: Thanksgiving in todoTodos days in every moment to thank is a powerful prayer, the heart opens, the mind opens and we place ourselves in a State of higher consciousness.Gratitude is a habit that needs to be cultivated since its benefits are multiple at the psychic level as a physicist. When we are grateful we are glad, this produces welfare in whoever is feeling these emotions and obviously this has a positive impact on your health. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Barry’s has to say. As we express gratitude and practicing it every day in our life?To get up in the morning to thank God our Heavenly Father, because we can breath inhaling deeply, filling our lungs of vital energy, we are aware of an involuntary act and give thanks; I surrender and I exhalo, I surrender divine substance, I exhalo divine substance, make me aware of the Act of breathing and thank it is a way to start the day in a positive opening us definitively to abundance.Then during the course of the day you notice how many things that surround you are the product of having them desired in the past and today are a reality in your life!, again you have to honor giving thanks and blessing all the material manifestations of your creative power: children, family, couple, home, friends, etc.In the Bible we find the following statement: in everything give thanks, all! Absolutely in everything, they do not exclude anything. Jesus took the loaves he blessed them and giving thanks began to distribute it among the crowds.Then every success, achievement that we have, every job we offer, each money that reaches our hands, of one form or another every opportunity you should bless her and give thanks to the father by what you have belong you absolutely to, on the one hand and on the other the very act of giving thanks and bless does it multiply.