TOMMIKE – The Timelessness Of The Authentic

The label went with star on October 20 online at the beginning was the memory of a feeling, memorable afternoons, which verrannen fly in the breathless pursuit of the ball through dusty places or rain-damp meadows. Two guys in shorts, Tom & Mike, the world forget that if a brilliant shot carried the ball into the imaginary goal. Memories of heated discussions on the way home in the wet stuff. This incredible feeling of closeness, while the others with his vigilant blue eyes under the schweissverklebten hair by legendary Steilpassen and football heroes talk. Tom & Mike, this is Thomas Gerull and Michael Volkel.

Her friends have remained until today. Bowflex has similar goals. And they pull on some weekends are still going on, to measure the forces on pitches: a successful manager who has it brought in between Olympic honor in a different sport and a passionate communication and marketing consultant, who made the identity of companies of the affair of the heart. For two years It combines a new passion: TOMMIKE, the label, which unites their two names, to deliberately build on that sense of childhood, and the sweater when the game and the friendship were everything, only really nice, when he wore the traces of the battles on the lawn. Two years of meticulous research it took the friends, to awaken long forgotten qualities of the fabric manufacture and processing back to life. Two years was against the current to swim, to go fair of Textiliten on journey of discovery in the almost lost Empire of the savoir, to save entrenched family factories from oblivion, which products once represented the NEC plus ultra, what had to offer Europe in terms of clothing. The result is every aficionado of the authentic: sweaters in traditional embroidery types that promise not just indestructible robustness of fit, but the carrier or the carrier provide also an unparalleled feeling of security. Polos from the rare sea Iceland”cotton, whose extremely long and tear-resistant Fibres give a soft and silky touch the fabric, which inevitably on Kashmir recalls, washed raw cashmere from the Mongolia in the clear waters of Scottish rivers, hand spun and dyed.

The cuts deny any concession to the fickle zeitgeist and inspire through its minimalist elegance, and the incomparable comfort. Just as quietly sophisticated details, embroidery and patches form a distinctive contemporary, urban touch. TOMMIKE will be to obtain limited edition exclusively via the Internet. Sales start was October 20, 2010 at the address: TOMMIKE, the label which evokes long forgotten qualities of the fabric manufacture and processing back to life. Finest products from sea Iceland cotton, Merino Wool and cashmere guarantee highest possible wearing comfort. TOMMIKE products manufactured exclusively by long-established, European textile manufacturers and guarantee the highest quality.

Mentally Fit Until Old Age

How to be healthy, happy and successful in old age. It’s easy to stay mentally fit until old age. One of the best methods is to keep ready the brain constantly changes. Almost everyone is healthy, happy to be wealthy and successful. Click Nature’s Bounty for additional related pages. We are decisive for these wishes with our thinking. With our thoughts, we determine our attitudes and thus our lives. “Our life is the product of our thoughts” – Marcus Aurelius the success author Wolfgang Rademacher has created force mentally with his book tutorial – the best counter cure for anxiety, depression and failure. The reading shows how easy it is to unfold unexpected spiritual powers and to awaken at any age in itself. Emun Zabihi is actively involved in the matter.

What thoughts are capable, shows a fact from the United States in the 1960s. Two Hitchhikers have been accidentally included in a refrigerator. Two days later they found frozen in the wagon. A normal story, if it not a few Inconsistencies exist. Is fixed, the cooling unit was never built due to a repair and there was a temperature of approx. 19 C. There was absolutely no reason to freeze to death.

The two were apparently so safe that they would freeze to death, they also did it. This negative history shows what thoughts are capable. Negative thoughts for our lives are so dangerous, it is so gratifying, what we can accomplish with positive thoughts. We go into our lives only with situations and events in resonance, which correspond to our attitude. Max Planck assumed that it itself does not matter, rather what we consider reality, is a multi-dimensional projection of our mind. Our consciousness filters the existing reality, what we believe, what is reality. This results in the fact that we have the possibility, yes the power at any time, to change our lives. Positive and negative. This means, we can have and what we want, as long as we are able, our consciousness to change. With the eBook mental force, is the reader know the secrets of mental force, where success managers, athletes, and other outstanding personalities owes its leading position. You will thereby significantly can improve their own quality of life and work performance, and awaken the energy and the force, already mired in them and reach goals, of which you have dared only to dream. In – mental force is a knowledge imparted, its tips and tricks from each can be applied immediately. The main objective is to gain greater mental agility and to put it immediately in everyday life. Anyone can, as evidenced by the book impressive. No major training programs are necessary, no extraordinary intellectual force file must be accomplished. Immediately use this acquired knowledge and see that alone by applying these simple techniques the mental abilities better use and use can be. Hans-Jurgen Rach

Athletic Clothing

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Clip Sports

At the outdoor sport plays the eye with Zurich, June 2012 – the desire for sports in the open air arrives in the Switzerland. Therefore, Polaroid eyewear brings a new collection of sunglasses for sports fans on the market. No matter whether at the water sports, golfing, climbing, or volleyball? Thanks to high-quality polarization glasses and a special reduction of aperture, enjoy a better visual perception of athletes in every situation and achieve higher performance. In the summer, the warm temperatures again lure many Watermen in the cool water. But just when the fishing, swimming or boating the eyes often with disturbing reflections struggle. Here the special filter effect of polarizing sunglasses comes clearly to the fore: the eyes not remain exempt from strong glare just erholter, you see more.

In this environment, wearing a pair of sunglasses is anyway a must: in addition to the visible, dazzling light also invisible UV radiation is reflected from water surfaces. With Polarized Sunglasses Polaroid eyewear, market leader in the field of Reaching even a higher reduction in Aperture and an improvement in optical optics and lens technology, in addition to the UV protection. At outdoor sports eye-popping plays but polarizing sunglasses are ideal not only for sports on water and snow, where especially strong reflections and glare. In all outdoor sports the sunscreen today among the sporting ground equipment. If Golf, jogging, climbing, or volleyball: everywhere the eye plays with and often a decisive role. The sport collection of Polaroid eyewear in department stores, as well as in the sports and optical specialists from CHF 59.90 is available. For more information: Corinne Fuglister Polaroid eyewear GmbH Marketing & communication hero 7 CH-8048 Zurich, Switzerland phone + 41 43 311 71 23 Florian Engi Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) stockerstrasse 32 CH-8002 Zurich, Switzerland phone + 41 44 515 65 00 about Polaroid eyewear Polaroid eyewear is the market leader in the Optics and lens technology, manufactures high-quality polarization glasses and distributes world’s modern sunglasses with polarizing filter, optical frames, reading glasses, Clip-Ons, high-quality, circular polarized 3D glasses and licensed sunglasses brands.

The demand for polarizing glasses is steadily rising, as more and more consumers discover the benefits of glare-free vision for themselves. Polaroid eyewear has offices in the United States, GB, of Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Russia, China and the Netherlands. In addition, the company has a nationwide network of distributors around the globe. For more information: and