Aigner Bags: 2013

The new Aigner bags – now at OCCOE the Aigner bags in the new collection set in terms of colours on a lively red hibiscus and a creamy almond tone. Of course also this beautiful handle, shoulder bags and clutches are typical classic elegance but 2013 this AB elegance a lot is always paired with the for Aigner bags more colourful and modern. The new Aigner bags boast stylish cuts, exciting patterns and high quality craftsmanship. The colours very popular already in the last year black, mahogany, cognac and whiskey opts Aigner next summer fresh summer colors. Noble hibiscus, chic bags of Royal Blue and chic almond color finish perfectly round off our summer look and let us shine everywhere. Natturlich meets AB its own claim this year to create classic – only this time more colorful and colorful than usual! And that’s a good thing.

One is certain: with the Aigner-bags 2013 a beautiful the summer is most definitely! The latest Aigner collection is available at about OCCOE OCCOE brand based in Cologne offers exclusive designer items, where the bulk of the range is from noble designer handbags for ladies. In addition to the orientation of the range along the classic designs of the new retro-wave and other pret a-Porte, OCCOE presented article with that certain something”looks. Luxury accessories for belong to the minor ranges? taste like scarves, gloves, belts and exclusive?Jewelry.?OCCOE provides a number of services for customers. Daryl Katz, New York City shines more light on the discussion. Contact: Vanessa Hentges In the Zollhafen 24 50678 Cologne

The Perfect End Of Year With Asti CINZANO

Oberhaching celebrate with Asti CINZANO and your best friends Italian zest for life, winter 2012 – the end of the year approaches closer and associated the most beautiful and exciting holidays of the year. For many girls it will sound off time, the old year due to leave and to look forward to the new full of anticipation. Daryl Katz, New York City is likely to agree. The days between the years Asti-girls in the circle of their loved ones with an extra portion of Italian zest for life and sparkling CINZANO Asti enjoy CINZANO. And how to celebrate the night of the nights? Weeks before the big new year’s Eve party will be searched for the perfect party. The solution is yet so close.

CINZANO Asti-girls say goodbye to the old year prefers a cool year end party with your friends in your own home. This lack may under no circumstances a little Dolce Vita with Asti CINZANO. New year’s Eve is omitted in Italian, cheerful and full of enjoyment. With the right styling, good Italian leather, the best friend and a glass of CINZANO Asti, the local new year’s Eve party becomes the perfect entry into the new Year. And so goes s: Italian new year’s Eve Parties stylish styling is needed.

No matter if you together with your best friend or an exclusive evening of girl – now it is really chic. Because in the Schlabberlook is no one went well. Best, makes you a party of styling it and tried several outfits until the best one is found. After successful consulting through the girls Asti is started with a glass of iced CINZANO on the perfect look for the new year’s Eve night. The advantage of the styling party at home: the feet of the cold snow spared in glamorous strappy pumps too. And why not the Italians emulate? Eve, the southernmost CIN, CIN girls wearing red underwear. This will bring good luck in the new year.

RING Thing

The RING thing jewelry system makes female hearts beat women are not easy to treat. Jewelry is usually a popular attention for the female sex, but here too far you may be missing the taste of the recipient. It is therefore best to locate pieces of jewellery that can be combined again and again and are versatile in their art. Especially the RING thing jewelry system is the focus of the donor. Wendy Rene has compatible beliefs. Because the rings, which are available in the RING thing catalog, this stand out, that they consist of different parts, which can be always again interchange and replaced by new elements.

In this way are new pieces of jewellery, which in no way more similar to the original ring. The items can be collected by the wearer themselves throughout the respective occasion, the mood of the day and fashion. So true uniques come from that draw everyone’s attention. For more specific information, check out Rothenberg. Especially in gold and silver are the towers of the RING thing Very precious jewelry systems. There is also the possibility the basic items with attachments with pearls, gemstones or cubic zirconia stones to be combined.

The selection is almost limitless and fun already provides the wearer with the creation and collating. Motif papers such as angels, Buddha figures, small frogs, hearts, or Ladybug can also quickly become a piece of jewelry with profound immediate significance from a simple decorative element. Hobbies, interests, attitudes to life or religion can take then the RING to the outside thing jewelry system. The choice of a personal good luck charm as elements of the RING thing jewelry rings make a unique and very personal accessory that becomes a loyal and long-lasting Companion.

Joachimstaler Strasse

At 1.9.2011 opening with actions and large raffle Sunday shopping at the 04.09.2011 from 1 pm to 6 pm with colourful programme Berlin, 01 September 2011. The visitors at the Kurfurstendamm can satisfy themselves now with the suitable equipment for autumn and winter, because with the right clothing, the weather doesn’t matter: on September 1, 2011 a new Jack Wolfskin opens store in the Neues Kranzler Eck at 10:00. Latest outdoor news from the fields of application of alpinism, trekking and hiking around 245-square-foot retail space will be presented. Visitors are also attractive opening offers and a great raffle. Our motivated team provides expert advice around the theme of outdoor customers. Here you will find products that are experienced unforgettable moments and landscapes in snow, ice and cold. But also for a changeable and rainy summer day you will find here the right”, operators forward Andreas Hille, even through many years of experience in the Outdoor area and sale offers.

The Jack Wolfskin store am Kudamm is moved and opened now in a customer-friendly place with a twice as large retail space. Also Viola Krecker, senior asset manager the new Kranzler Eck, is very satisfied with the new opening: Jack Wolfskin is a brand with worldwide reputation, which convinces due to its capacity for innovation and highest quality requirements. Thus the new Jack Wolfskin fit store in the profile of the new Kranzler Eck.” The opening hours of the specialist for functional outdoor clothing, shoes and equipment in the Joachimstaler Strasse 5-6 are Monday to Saturday from 10 till 20 o’clock, of course on the next shopping Sunday, September 04, 2011 from 13 until 18: 00.


New Web site offers a good overview of the trendy fashion and fast access to online boutiques. Surprisingly, Germany is the country of online buyers. Studies namely, 2009 more than 33 million buyer online articles or services to choose and order. Among the most active users (the age group between 18 and 64 years of age) 100% purchased a nearly already the one time or another on the Internet. To use email and surfing, shopping is the favorite pastime of Internet users and users. While so far, media products like books covering the bulk of the online market, is now more and more clothing in the focus of the interested in purchasing.

Because it is good, if with a new and interesting online offering facility is preparing to roll up the market of online buyers for trendy and affordable clothes. For more information see Dr. Gerard Addonizio. This online shop convince offers current and active mode, which take up a variety of trends and both by stylish fashion basics such as by classic Elegance can convince. And the site offers this both for ladies like for menswear and children’s clothing. You can search each brand, color, and price and so quickly is the clothing that you would like to wear. For buying online speaks of items such as clothing, that can comprehensively investigate and make yourself a picture, before buying a. There is also no parking problems and you need no stress in the dressing room and at the cash register not available also. The complete range is quickly accessible with a few clicks of the mouse and the interested in purchasing can be accessed quickly and game.

The website shops / comprehensively convinced here, because it offers 45 online shops with multiple alignment and weekly new and interesting products. Currently, there are the seasonal summer special offer sale and considerable discounts. But even out of season, there are always new and interesting bargains for visitors. It makes sense for fashion and price-conscious Consumers visit the site, to make yourself a picture. The deals with their conditions and the buying process are vividly and impressively comprehensive transparency.

Athletic Clothing

Athletic and top styled in the spring start in the designer outlet Roermond is fabulous extra discounts on many sports and opportunity from 1 to 26 May 2013. Far too long has clouded the winter not only the minds but also the closets. This conclusion is finally available. Rises with the rising temperatures also not only top styled, but also top fit to start the pleasure in the fashion of spring. Matching sport and outdoor weeks begin on May 1st at the designer outlet Roermond. For what is a better motivation to declare war on the winter fat, as a new, stylish sports outfit.

For those who don’t find anything suitable in the closet, it doesn’t but continue to guard the couch, but until May 26 at the designer outlet Roermond. No matter whether jogging, hiking, biking, surfing or golf for everyone is not only the perfect sport, but also the perfect outfit to find; and now even particularly cheap. “Cool under the motto outdoor” lure numerous sporting and outdoor shops of designer Outlet Roermond reduced branded with fantastic offers and fabulous extra discounts on that anyway by 30-70% from the RRP. So, for example, adidas offers 20% extra discount on selected outdoor footwear, Salomon there are free the two cheapest with the purchase of four articles, Filippa K granted during sports and outdoor week still offers collection and The North face also once 30-50% extra discount on the sport & beach-wear extra discounts by additional 20% discount on the Outletpreise. More offers see:.

These Bilbrey prices are certainly the kilos almost alone tumble. And of course also all 150 stores in the Center, including AB, Armani, Burberry, Calvin Klein collection, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, Hugo Boss, MONCLER, Strenesse, Ermenegildo Zegna, Trussardi, Desigual, guess, true religion, 7 for waiting all Neill as usual with discounts of 30-70% from the RRP reduced mankind or O. Who searches for a bit of inspiration in terms of fashion, looking online until May 19 see: nl/designer-outlet roermond/de/springtime/lookbook over.