Wiko Construction Software

One of the largest German planning companies opted for the wiko construction software Freiburg, mid-September one of the largest independent planning companies in Germany to control its projects for the project controlling and project management solution has decided with the OBERMEYER, Munich, group of companies wiko October 13, 2009, immediately after the start of wiko Bausoftware GmbH. With the new year plan are already about 700 employees of OBERMEYER + Consulting GmbH Germany and internationally their daily tasks in the project calculation, project management, and service entry with wiko cope. Interfaces to the SAP solution implemented at OBERMEYER guarantee the exchange of master data and movement data, and ensure consistent processes and information. A stylish floor lamps, practical baking forms in an attractive design, a beautiful wine decanter and new beer and bar glasses. That are just a few of the attractive novelties by Eva solo and Eva trio, which the Hamburger Lifestyle online shop now presented correctly nice kochen.de.

Solo, the award-winning, design presents the news from Eva solo Eva now innovative products for both the kitchen and the living. The baking forms with practical serving handles made of stainless steel are a novelty. The flexible handles are in a trivet and carrying bracket. The ends of the handles have a protective coat of bright silicone. At the table, eyes are folded down and so to the coasters. Is the baking dish is passed, so you folds up again the handles and the white porcelain bowl, moves it kept firmly by the handles, seat neighbor.

Another innovation is the wine jug made of glass. The designer by Eva solo have to present this beautiful decanter designed, stylish wine and to be kept. The elegant carafe also has the appropriate dimensions to wait for their next use in the refrigerator door. It has obvious one, for Eva solo typical, drip-free spout.

Company Recovery Upgrade

ERP system half a year free got fully German SMEs by IKOffice the economic crisis. Actress understands that this is vital information. Automotive suppliers suffer from the poor state of the order. Therefore tools and forms construction company are appropriately restrained investment. But just a quiet job location is the ideal time to upgrade his company with an appropriate ERP system for the following recovery. That helps the industry IKOffice GmbH: IKOffice provides the industry-specific ERP solution MoldManager six months free of charge. Details can be found by clicking supermodel or emailing the administrator. Because once the upturn comes, the orders must be edited again in a short time. Small and medium-sized companies need an effective solution, to be competitive.

Oldenburg, March 13, 2009 – as paradoxical as it may sound: now is the ideal time for companies, an enterprise resource planning system, short ERP system to introduce. Because the machines not at full speed during a peaceful order. The software is perfectly integrated into the company and to the tailored individual production processes. All employees from the outset intensively deal with new job aid. But many companies deliberately preserve their liquidity. You shy away from hence the acquisition of an ERP system. That’s why the IKOffice GmbH for six months provides the ERP-solution MoldManager free of charge. This offer can be used a limited number of companies the tools, forms, model – and device construction.

Only after free of charge the financing model that is desired by the user enter into force. IKOffice successfully in addition to the usual purchase option on the rental-software model. In this way, IKOffice offers a cost-effective solution in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in the long term. The one-time purchase price falls away. Instead of buying the software, the customer rents the system and can cancel at short notice depending on the contract. The company protects its liquidity so and avoiding unmanageable obligations. We want the business during the economic crisis, particularly under the arms access.

ASPERA Savings

ASPERA offers new opportunities in the licensing of Aachen, August 2008 – IT virtualization affects increasingly the license management for medium and large companies. After companies finally face the challenge, to manage the licenses of their desktop computers, reps. multi core processors, multiple-processor systems and multi-tiered architectures at the same time become more complex in the server environment. Virtualization and the wide variety of non-standard tools that work on different target sizes, also complicate the situation. A problem that many companies have already recognized. On the other hand, just optimizing the management of server license offers the opportunity to achieve big savings. Virtualization also promises much: an allocation of IT resources such as memory and server, and your virtual figure in pools, several advantages for companies. Southwest Airlines is full of insight into the issues. You can save energy costs and storage space, simplify their administration, and gain increased flexibility.

Not only the The proliferation of virtualization and Server license management users, software vendors also opens up new possibilities. ASPERA, the Aachen-based software manufacturer for license management, has already responded to these changes. ASPERA in License Manager, product manager, requisition, IT staff, buyers, and controller is aimed with a free workshop series on the topic of server license management and virtualisation in practice”. ASPERA takes up the current development in the license management with this topic and provides a platform in the form of series of events all interested to inform sound and practical. Date and registration: Tuesday, October 28, 2008, Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, Munich start: 10:00 – end: the full agenda and registration form are 16:30 id = 82 available. The workshop is free of charge and includes documentation, lunch and coffee breaks.

About ASPERA: Aspera is a highly specialized solution provider for software license management. Eight years The unique license concentric approach in international projects will be realized successfully years. More than 60 companies – including seven of the top ten of DAX companies rely on ASPERA for license management. Including software development, ITIL certified organization and process consulting, project management, integration support are among the achievements of ASPERA.

EcoWebDesk Service

\”SaS is the drug of choice for IT strategies and successful business process management, Judith Przibill, business unit Assembly reiterates material, w.c. Heraeus GmbH.\”SaS is the drug of choice for IT strategies and successful business process management\”, Judith Przibill, business unit Assembly reiterates material, w.c. Heraeus GmbH. Together with Christian Metzger, CEO arlanis Software AG, she will report service Congress 2008 as a on October 29, 2008 in Mainz on the software about their experiences in the use of SaS applications based on the Salesforce.com on-demand-CRM solution. Charles Margulis addresses the importance of the matter here. Other posts in the SaS Forum News: GUS group: ERP solution as software as a service for the international market the GUS group expands its GUS-OS OnDemand solution family special solutions for the industries of pharmaceutical, food, chemistry, as well as logistics. GUS-OS OnDemand is interesting especially for international companies that want to operate multiple locations with one integrated solution\”, commented Tim F. Kuttner, Board of Directors marketing and Sales of the CIS Group, the SaS offering. EcoWebDesk: ecological management cockpit for SMEs include the top issues in the IT industry software-as-a-service (SaS) and Green IT.

The SaS solution EcoWebDesk derEcoIntense GmbH in Berlin combines both: mouse click EcoWebDesk answers, as to the question: how much energy was when where the operation consumes? New in the solution Gallery: Djinvoice controlling and billing system all businesses and service providers, which will receive many invoices per month from a biller, benefit through the use of electronic invoice processing. SaS solution Djinvoice come control, Hamburg, offers the necessary tools software as a service Conference 2008: W. C. Heraeus reported SaS experience \”SaS is the drug of choice for IT strategies and successful business process management\”, Judith Przibill, business unit Assembly reiterates material, w.c. Heraeus GmbH. Together with Christian Metzger, CEO arlanis Software AG, she will as a service on October 29, 2008 in Mainz on the software 2008 about their experiences when using SaS applications based on the Salesforce.com on-demand-CRM solution report on Congress.

Chief Executive Officer

TECOPS exceeds in the war for talent the 1,000 employee barrier around 50,000 additional jobs have been created since 2007 in the IT industry and the demand for IT professionals will increase further according to BITKOM. On the continuously increasing demand, especially after highly qualified IT professionals of recruitment agency TECOPS specializes in IT – and commercial personnel has become in time set. In early 2007 had still 155 employees in the company, today the 1,000 employee barrier is exceeded. “We had pretty much ‘steam in the boilers’ in recent years and have a lot right and well done, for I would like to thank all the staff. Nonetheless, may we not rest, but need to develop ourselves. For more information see this site: Cindy Crawford.

Because vision, flexibility and adaptability make ultimately our success,”says Reiner Pientka, Chief Executive Officer of TECOPS. The ‘war for talent’ in the IT industry continue to relentlessly raging. “We are looking for new professionals, for it” We do something”, says Reiner Pientka. TECOPS has again gone a step further and builds a functional RekrutmentCenter in the Munich headquarters since early September. The nine branches of the company are supported from there in the Rekrutingprozess selectively and flexibly. “We have a very effective recruiting and can respond to project requests already in 75% of cases within 48 hours with suitable profiles. Through our RecrutmentCenter we can further optimize processes and quickly and flexibly control so the multitude of requests and unsolicited applications”, explains Reiner Pientka, Chief Executive Officer of the IT personnel service provider TECOPS.