Security Manias

with all due respect, this Charter is only farce, especially since it opens the door for arbitrariness of Justice and politics. Every man and citizen can stand today without further ADO, as seen complainer or public enemy, desires he likes enough to… only due the mania of anti-terrorist Godfather even without suspicion. And already the system Inquisition it cares… 4. If the system Inquisition something, then determines not the enemy of the State, but only respect for the ticket. Herbie Mann may find this interesting as well. It seems hard to go together so Inquisition forming a ticket uses democracies and political prisoners. Ultimately even arbitrarily vehicle enemy of the State without any chance is…

his inquisitorial destiny written a priori! So all inhumanity is allowed, no one will ever know… There is a Man wrongly in the pillory and the Inquisition Pack democratic blandness can prevail, is trying to recruit the public enemy as inquisitorial Member, denied this, he is still subjected to the inquisitiven methods? Exit is frowned upon. That could indeed hurt the secrecy and may compromise the appearance of democracy. Possibly should declare themselves the victim even for mentally deranged (a contradiction in terms!) and suffered torture conceal or deny… It would reflect expected exit, sure this man can not be still… his fate seems to be sealed so! 5. the State Inquisition system rises the brains of humans, specifically the brains (indoctrinated brains) our politicians and the question is responsible in all sorts of social institutions, seriously, how our bodies simply abuse our trust? Security Manias are no good advice! Democracies are made by humans, because democracies are subject to permanent social changes, AA reached our level of consciousness, who do not want to accept this, us people in our human being not understood.

A society means is development to be able to refuse, for example, providing their critics cold, brings itself to their future! Not every Maverick and troublemaker is also an enemy of the State… In the minds of our elites still doesn’t seem to be arrived… Are we far away, what could be democracies and distant future will be? Scourge stupidity! 6. our elected officials take approvingly all sorts of inhuman people and methods in purchasing, approvingly, even the death of innocent people into buying, apparently in the mistaken belief that people any systemTo threads compliant to forcibly assimilate. Under Security Mania the doctrine seems to be common practice: better a too much eliminated as accidentally to have spared an enemy of the State. This applies to each of us and such a setting and irresponsibility unwilling I accept and accept… tomorrow it is true our children and children and children randomly. People, we have every reason in choosing our politicians exercise maximum care? Elites, which protect only themselves, are simply not worthy of our trust… we change it! Bankers bring us down to destruction, remain mostly unaffected. Our States guarantee as long as until they themselves broke… to the detriment of all of us! Let’s change it! I’m not Hans Klawatsch, but the practical example… Justice and her victim profiles Facebook follow me on Twitter