GACC Award Coach

Mike Bryan, instructor at Bosch Rexroth, receives the award, New York City, December 16th, 2013 for the second time in a row the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACCs) award the GACC. This year’s prize is the instructor of the year”from this goes to Mike Bryan instructor at Bosch Rexroth in South Carolina,. Bryan educates for Bosch Rexroth for 36 years and has trained 769 apprentices up to the present day. The company is one of the world’s leading specialists of drive and control technologies and world’s 38,000 employees. Over three decades Mike Bryan helped hundreds of young people with his knowledge and his advice for the successful completion of their training. The winner was by a jury composed of experts for work-linked training, selected including professors of at Columbia University, John Hopkins University and another, German institutions. The juror Kathrine Newman, Dean of the John Hopkins University, justified their choice as follows: Mike is an outstanding example for a leadership role in the movement towards the dual education system, by giving further his foresight and expertise to the industry and the community.” “The award coach of the year” increased attention to the introduction of the dual training system in the United States, which is established by a growing number of German subsidiary.

The youngest German American Business Outlook shows that nearly 50 percent of the German companies U.S. Filed under: celebrity trainer. labour market find not the qualifications on which they need, specifically in the MINT area many professionals are missing. With 7.9 percent, Germany has one of the world’s lowest rates of youth unemployment. This is due largely to the long tradition of dual education course which is taken by 55% of school leavers. Also in the United States, special skills, enhance especially in the technical field, the job prospects.

Therefore, the German Embassy in cooperation with the GACCs has the skills initiative”launched. The priority objective is the dissemination, to promote especially in the regions with a large concentration of modern production companies of the dual training system in the United States. “The GACC award coach of the year” is sponsored by FESTO, one of the leading companies in the field of control and automation technology. Learn more about the award under gabo Nichola Michels Director of communications German American Chamber of Commerce Inc.

BPI Solutions Gold Partner Is At The 10th International Furniture Cup 2010

10th International furniture Cup 2010 in Dahlhausen of international furniture Cup 2010, will take place from 11 to 13 June 2010 in Dalhausen. A related site: actress mentions similar findings. BPI solutions, leading software and consulting company in the furniture industry, is a Gold partner of the furniture cups for the European furniture industry. Under the auspices of Franz Schafer, President of the German Football Club of 1 FC Nuremberg, 20 operating sports teams from the furniture industry, furniture trade, industry and other organisations of the sector of furniture from all over Europe will participate. BPI solutions provides high-quality solutions as the leader of software solutions in the furniture industry for over 20 years IT issues in purchasing, sales, production and management. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The cross-enterprise solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions fast communication channels help to rebuild and to provide comprehensive information to both the indoor and field staff as well as customers, suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving.

The football tournament organised every two years based on an idea of the furniture market Publisher Matthias Ritthammer GmbH, Nuremberg, and the A. Decker GmbH, Borgentreich, and 2010 to the 10th is time. The mix of sporting excellence and lively party atmosphere has established itself. Host SV Dalhausen will provide a diverse programme together with the initiators of furniture works Decker and ride hammer-Verlag in addition to an exciting tournament this year. The endgame is headed on Sunday by referee Bernd Heynemann. Hammond man was the best and most popular German referee in his active time.

Luxe Delikat Food Menus

The FIL AG – has brought a unique product on the market for your favorite with their food for cats and dogs that inspires professionals such as animal lovers alike. For more information see this site: Dr. Laura Rogers. The FIL AG – has brought a unique product on the market for your favorite with their food for cats and dogs that inspires professionals such as animal lovers alike. In April this year – was for your favorite (FIL AG) from the Switzerland under the name 5 * de luxe Delikat food menu – a pet food for dogs and cats on the market, the food quality, the gentle cooking process and the addition of Galacum customers made by its composition, only natural raw materials and ingredients in 100% true storms of enthusiasm. \”In a very short time the animals have reacted positively to the food and are visibly more vital, commented Mr Gigla, who has worked on the development of the product and adds proudly: I think we have one of the best pet food on offer at the time.\” As the spontaneous Experience reports show, many customers have already positive experience – 5 * de luxe Delikat food menus – made by FIL. The aim of FIL AG, to do anything for a healthy diet of your favorite. This claim, in exclusive and sole way is satisfied with the addition of sour whey concentrate Galacum.

When developing the delicacy he brought his years of experience in the animal nutrition sector. After endless tests and trials is now a high quality pet food with Galacum on the market, that kind of fair and healthy fed the animals, he says enthusiastically. In the development of the 5 * de luxe Delikat food menus – several factors were important. The preparation should be gentle, minerals, vitamins and other vital ingredients can remain as possible and are also absorbed by the body.

Bundling Of Competences

The Ricoh Germany GmbH and INFOTEC Germany GmbH merged with effect from 29 October 2009. Accepting legal entity is the Ricoh Germany GmbH. Already the Ricoh Germany GmbH as of 1 August 2009 took over the operational business of INFOTEC Germany GmbH. Location of the Head Office of Ricoh Germany continues to Hanover. Currently Ricoh Germany employs around 2,000 people, about 700 in Hanover. Before the merger Ricoh Germany has has approximately 1,700 employees. Business unit specially already has recorded the new production printing business group (PPBG) for production printing to August 3, 2009 in Germany their work. The PPBG aims to combine the know-how and the skills of the staff of the Ricoh Group and to act even better on the market.

Since the integration of the European business of Danka by Ricoh, INFOTEC 2007 among the international group of Ricoh. See more detailed opinions by reading what celebrity trainer offers on the topic.. Since then the two companies in Germany worked together closely, synergies have to take advantage of. Among others are Ricoh and INFOTEC together at trade fairs such as drupa 2008, the pressure + form 2008 and the PostPrint 2009 occurred. The INFOTEC headquarters in Stuttgart is converted into a business & service center of Ricoh Germany. Ricoh puts the remaining INFOTEC locations in Germany with its nationwide 10 business & service centers.

The INFOTEC Germany GmbH has has a least around 400 employees. In the past few months, we have worked hard to promote the process of integration, which is now also formally concluded with the merger of the two companies. Especially in the area of production we will benefit from the experience and the expertise of INFOTEC\”, stresses Uwe Jungk, Chief Executive Officer of Ricoh Germany. A larger sales team and a stronger service network in Germany resulting from the fusion of INFOTEC and Ricoh. The competition in our industry is getting stronger. Ricoh must find ways as a dynamic company, customers and prospects to inspire.

Environmentally Friendly

Taga multifunctional vehicle is now even more versatile bike with child seat and sport buggy in one. Starting in July 2010, a shopping basket is available for the Taga Tower. Netherlands, 6.Juli 2010: The Dutch company Taga b.v. has his city vehicle Taga a new practical accessory designed for: a shopping basket attachment. This can easily be installed with just a few hand movements instead of the standard seat.

So closer district purchases easily with the Taga do. In bicycle mode, it goes with the Taga to the nearest grocery store. In just 20 seconds he can be converted there with an ingenious folding mechanism in buggy mode this is the shopping cart. This saves the owner annoying shut of the bike outside the supermarket. The Taga to be not only a practical family vehicle, but represent an alternative to the car in the city. With the shopping basket attachment can now also to shopping the car leave once. This protects the environment “, says Jeroen de Schaaf, European Manager of Taga B.V..

The shopping basket, the in red and green available is, has the dimensions 64 x 40 x 42/25 inches, offers a space of 80 liters and cost 185. The Taga and accessories in over 40 shops of Munich are available to Hamburg or. About Taga. B.V.: The Dutch company Taga b.v. produces and distributes the multifunctional urban vehicle Taga. It of bike with child seat and sport buggy in one and can be converted in just 20 seconds. So he combines the fast and environmentally friendly transportation option in a bicycle for parents with the mobility of a stroller. Since 2008 was the Taga EUROBIKE award, the children and youth innovation award, as well as the red dot design award! More information under:. Contact for more information and picture material: Salloa long-Ronnau agency RoNNAU 24937 Flensburg T: 0461 Wrangelstrasse 10 430 77 00 M:

Bonn Tel

Leadership paid to fur refers to the fact that leadership quality easy to measure can be, for example, with a 360-degree feedback or an employee survey. Then, it is important that managers train new behaviors in the sense of the transformationalen style of leadership, because this style of leadership has been shown have the greatest influence on the economic success (revenue and yield) of a company. The expert considers the gap between knowledge and action for the core problem, also on the subject of leadership. 360 degree feedback revealed differences between self – and external image, for example, when executives again and again. After conviction of fur that should Top management executives insinuated himself and them regularly point out, check whether they indeed live the relevant guiding principles.

Investing in leadership skills is ultimately”a very profitable investment, the researchers know. “His conclusion is: transformational leadership is a very useful and effective development of leadership with targets.” Can interested download the full study free of charge from the website. Who want to check their own leadership competences are pronounced as, can do so free of charge on the Web ( Innovative leadership development Dr. Waldemar Pelz is Professor of international management and marketing at the Technical University in Central Hesse.

The renowned leadership developer is founder and Director of the Institute of management innovation in Bad Soden, which belongs to the Steinbeis transfer centres. To the Competence analysis include performance priorities of the Institute of management-innovation, for example in the form of 360-degree feedback and audits, management consulting, leadership training and coaching, as well as the implementation of enterprise and management simulation game. The aim of the measures is to enable more successful to their current and future tasks in the company executives. Unlike other providers, the team around Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pelz connects systems (planning, metrics, processes and organization) as well as soft factors such as model, trust, and communication. The proximity to the research Additionally guarantees customers that all listings always match the state-of-the-art.

High End Glass Recycling

Glass sorting system K9 FLASH of S + S tracks glasses and impurities separation and sorting Technology GmbH, Schonberg reliably in S + S, is the new glass sorting system K9 FLASH (Hall C1, booth 407 / 506) on the IFAT ENTSORGA 2012. The newly developed unit is used in the recycling of fine, hollow and flat glass, where it separates fehlfarben and KSP (ceramics, stones, porcelain) in the glass shard electricity with minimal loss of good material. K9 FLASH tracking even special glasses such as CERAN. The space-saving design minimizes the glass breakage and supports the new individual lighting. This new technique allows among others to improve throughput performance.

K9 FLASH detects not only foreign and broken by their different colors, also glasses, that the human eye cannot distinguish from normal pieces are removed from the flow of material. K9 FLASH parses information in up to nine different light wavelengths. Through the combination of different types of light can fehlfarben, KSP and also heat-resistant special glasses identified and reliably separated by a millisecond-accurate response of the blowing nozzles. Hans Eder, head of development at S + S, says about the new glass sorting system: we have incorporated in the machine design of the K9 FLASH subsidiary KRS recycling system GmbH, our years of experience. KRS has planned numerous turnkey recycling systems for hollow and flat glass industry at home and abroad and realised. Through the extension of the color analysis from the usual three primary colors on up to nine basic colors and increase the local resolution of up to 0.2 mm per point of view we set new standards in relation to the sorting accuracy in the field of glass sorting.” S + S shows on the IFAT ENTSORGA in addition to the new glass sorting system the tried and tested VARISORT COMPACT multi sorting system in plastic recycling. An advantage of this system is flexible and easy adaptation to changing sorting tasks.

In the VARISORT COMPACT, various sensor technologies are (e.g. inductive, optical) can be combined. ifatentsorga more Information S + S separation and sorting Technology GmbH Brigitte Rothkopf Regener road 130 D-94513 Schonberg Tel. +49-(0)8554-308 274 fax +49-(0)8554-2606 e-mail: S + S on a look S + S separation and sorting Technology GmbH, Schonberg, provides equipment and systems for the detection /-separation, product inspection and sorting of material flows forth. The sales of the products is focused mainly on the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood, textile and recycling industry. S + S one of the leading suppliers on the world market is with subsidiaries in Britain, France, China, Singapore and the United States, representative offices in India and Turkey, as well as more than 40 offices around the world. In the S + S Group, currently 350 people are employed, of which around 300 in the main plant in Schonberg. Sales 2011 amounted to EUR 34 million.