Health Benefits of Prunes

Prunes rinse and scald with boiling water to soften, then cut into small pieces. Grind kernels. Jim Hackett is a great source of information. Cereal mixed with nuts and dried plums, cover with boiling water, add salt and simmer, covered on low heat for 20-30 minutes. Serve porridge hot, with cream or sour cream. Krupennikov of buckwheat and cottage cheese will need: 2 cups buckwheat groats 2 cups milk, 1 cup of water, 400 g semi-skimmed cheese, 100 g butter, 2 eggs, 4 tbsp. tablespoons sugar, 1 tbsp. teaspoon lemon zest, of Art.

tablespoons of cinnamon, 3 tbsp. tablespoons breadcrumbs. Toast the buckwheat in a dry pan, vsypte in boiling water, add salt, add a little oil and cook over low heat until grains swell, and then top up with milk. When the porridge becomes thick, cool it. Mix cottage cheese with egg, sugar, spices and mix with cereal.

Form lubricate oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, fill prepared by mass, from top to put the pieces of butter. Bake in the oven. Mush Smolensk need: 1.5 cups slipped (small buckwheat groats), 4 cups water, 2 onions, 2 pcs. root parsnip, parsley to taste, tsp black pepper, cup sour cream 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter or ghee, 1 tsp salt. Boil water, add salt, put a whole onion, finely chopped parsnip roots and boil for 5 minutes. Then pour in the water grits and simmer, stirring occasionally, until grits cooking. After that, remove the bulb, remove the pulp from the heat, season with pepper, parsley, sour cream, butter, and let stand dosolite under cover for 15 minutes to steaming. Buckwheat porridge downy need: 2 cups buckwheat Unground, 2 eggs, 4.5 cups milk, 3 tbsp. tablespoons butter, 2 cups of cream. Unground loop through, deselect from the flour dust (but do not wash), grind with the beaten eggs, Spread on a baking sheet and dry in a pre-heated, but with the fire off the oven. Then pour the milk, season with butter, and cook as usual buckwheat. When she is ready, add salt to taste, let cool, then rub through a colander and serve with cream. Buckwheat porridge with milk and cauliflower need: 200 grams cauliflower, 1 cup buckwheat groats, 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter 2 cups milk or water rinse cauliflower, divide into florets and chop finely. Place the cabbage on the bottom of the dish. On top Put washed buckwheat, pour in the milk (or water), add salt, bring all to a boil and simmer for 5-6 minutes. Then close the pan lid on top – with a towel and leave without heat for 10-15 minutes. Serve with butter. Buckwheat with kefir will need: 2 cups buckwheat groats (Unground), 2.5 cups water, 2 tbsp. butter, 1.5 cups of yogurt, vanilla and salt to taste. Cook the buckwheat. Kefir is a little warm up, then add the honey, vanilla, and mix. Serve porridge, watering yogurt.


Infinite stress, fatigue, lack of cleanliness and air fumes … How to keep your inner balance and visual appeal? On the miraculous effect of water on the human body became known in ancient Rome. Then came the notion of Sanus per Aquam-health through water", or very common, more recently, an acronym SPA. SPA-resorts, SPA-Hotels, SPA-procedures, Spa-Cosmetics … Now almost every beauty salon, clinic, each offering Services SPA-complex procedures aimed at improving the health and general well-being, preserve youth and beauty. Our studio aromadizayna "Kem Club" was launched in 2005, tells Anna Juraev. Originally Our main focus was the aromatization of restaurants and cafes, boutiques and supermarkets, bowling clubs and entertainment centers.

Pursuing direct aromatization of business, creating aromatherapy gifts, aromapoligrafiyu, we began to think about the atmosphere that surrounds our home and the workplace. Most often, this is a stuffy room, the air filled with dust, in which thousands of viruses and bacteria? So it's decision to create atmosphere of purity and freshness – a wonderful atmosphere SPA-office, apartment and home. And with this task excellently Breeze system – is a unique equipment for the ionization purification and humidification. Breeze has both anti-bacterial, so neutralizing odor and flavoring properties. This allows you to control the atmosphere in any room, commented Anna Dzhurayev, Head of Sales Studio aromadizayna Kemah Club.

At the moment we offer our clients the essential oils such as spruce, fir, tangerine, orange, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, patchouli, peppermint, tea tree, almond. Also trying to update assortment of flavors each month. By adding a Breeze just a few drops of natural essential oils can relieve tension and stress, focus, alertness, or put to sleep institute. With regular Brisa use the body becomes more resistant to many viruses and pathogens, our customers do notice, as improving their health and mood!


Glaucoma is classified. 1. By origin: primary glaucoma – associated with the violation of the drainage system of the eye, and as a consequence of the deterioration of intraocular fluid, secondary glaucoma, which occurs as a result of other eye diseases (inflammation, cataracts, diabetic changes, thrombosis, trauma, tumors, etc.) or after eye operations; congenital glaucoma coinfection associated with other congenital anomalies. 2. By Age patient. 3.

On the mechanism of increased intraocular pressure (open, closure). 4. The level of intraocular pressure – with a high IOP (intraocular pressure) – with normal IOP. 5. According to the degree lesions of the optic nerve (initial, development, an advanced and terminal). 6. As of the disease – stabilized and unstabilized. Established a genetic predisposition to glaucoma.

If someone of your blood relatives suffered from glaucoma or sick, you're at increased risk. There are risk factors that influence the emergence and progression of glaucoma process. Secrete local factors – myopic refraction (nearsightedness) and general – over the age of 60-65 years, heredity, diabetes, hypotension, thyroid disease, and others of great importance in the diagnosis of glaucoma is IOP. (For more on glaucoma and other eye diseases, please visit) value is determined by the balance of inflow and outflow of intraocular fluid outflow in glaucoma is violated, the excess moisture remains in the eye, and pressure increases. The path of intraocular fluid in IOP is not uniform and constant for different age groups, with different refraction (myopia or hyperopia), and also depends on the constitutional features of the person (gender, physique, temperament, etc.

Spur On The Heel

Sore heel? 'Why are you limping? Only yesterday a man walked '-' I do not know. Spur on the heel, is that it is growing. " A typical dialogue around suddenly appeared at the foot pain that prevents its use in full, deprived of their liberty movement. On x-ray of the foot is sometimes clearly visible growths of bone at the calcaneus (the same spur in the heel). But the pain in his foot is not only connected with it. It may cause ligaments of the foot, called the plantar fascia (hence the name of disease – 'fasciitis'). The plantar fascia is like a bowstring connects the heel bone to the toes and the bases involved in the formation of the foot.

Her responsibilities include and redistribution of loads during walking. Some experts unite heel spurs and plantar fasciitis in one disease, assuming that the heel spur – is the result of calcification of the plantar fascia piece. Pain at plantar fasciitis is particularly strong in the morning, when the first steps. Interestingly, in most cases it disappears by itself, without any effort on the part of her tormented man. But even with the disappearance of pain, full restore the plantar fascia is not happening. The disease progresses slowly and 'progress', this largely depends on the frequency and intensity of traumatic overload. There are many approaches to treatment plantar fasciitis: rest, stretching smooth ligaments of the foot and ankle, strengthening the arch of the foot, changing footwear, arch support (including orthopedic devices), superimposition of a special bus for the night; anti-inflammatory drugs, surgical intervention (in a very advanced cases).

Tips For Preserving And Strengthening Health

On the morning of the oral cavity holding an item. spoon of sunflower oil (olive is better). After 10-15 minutes, spit. It strengthens the gums and good clean of toxins. In the morning I drink a glass of cold (preferably melted out of the fridge) water with 1 tbsp. spoon apple cider vinegar, 1 / 2 teaspoon honey and 1 drop of iodine or Lugol's solution.

This solution should be to infuse for 30 minutes, then it should slowly drink. This is a good tool protivoskleroticheskoe. It rejuvenates the blood vessels, normalizes the exchange substance and weight, lowers blood pressure, normalizes the stool, and destroys blood clots, stimulates the thyroid gland. To improve immunity, enhance the body's defenses and normalization of intestinal microflora drink before bed 1 cup yogurt (curd) with finely chopped garlic. This mixture is gently effect on the gastric mucosa, non-irritating iron, perfectly cleanses the bowel. To make the fresh face and bright eyes, and cleaning blood in the morning drink 1 teaspoon of balm, made from 200 g of honey, 100 ml.

lemon juice and 50 ml. olive oil. With a cold drink made the whole family in summer tonic drink. During budding, dig dandelions from roots, mine them, a little dry and finely crumble. Then tamped into a jar and pour an equal amount of honey (ie, 1:1), stirred the mixture, tightly sealed and store in refrigerator. We drink 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day during the cold diseases, as a means of great help in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces blood sugar levels. For those who have hurt joints can cook the same composition of celery, because he's rich calcium. Children and the elderly are well taken in the morning healthy mix. She prepares by taking the 300 gr. raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, peeled, 2 lemon zest with scrolling through a meat grinder, add 300 gr. Honey, keep the mixture in the refrigerator. Take this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach 1 teaspoon. It is well nourishes the brain, increases the body's immune, mood and performance. To cleanse the body and to lose weight drink the next infusion. I take 100 grams of chamomile flowers, hypericum, immortelle, birch buds, mix, crush and store in a glass jar under the lid. In the evening I take 1 tbsp. spoon herb mixture, pour 500 ml of boiling water and insist 20 minutes, then strain it should be. In the glass of this infusion add 1 teaspoon of honey and drink at night, then do not eat or drink. In the morning the remainder of the infusion is heated to steam, add 1 teaspoon of honey and drink for 20 minutes before breakfast. Agree infusion daily until the end prepared herbal mixture. I would be glad if my advice to anyone to help strengthen and maintain their health.

Natural Health Depository: Caucasian Frost

Anyone inclined to believe in miracles, and when it begins on the latest (or well-forgotten old) recipe unfading youth, or a wonder drug for weight loss, these topics always cause debate. Great interest, which is an unusual grass that grows in the Caucasus, hellebore, reinforced by the fact that most of the grass reference to position him as a poisonous herb. And, but in spite of everything, from drugs hellebore performed by healers Caucasus for a long time and now popular in many countries. So what is this mysterious Caucasian hellebore – benefit or bane? Let's try otlichitdeystvitelnost of myths. Indeed, the grass This may lead poisoning. Yet it is only when using the roots and leaves of the plant prepared for the wrong recipe and in the wrong quantities or in case of drug abuse, made of it. Similarly, for example, can be toxic to health and the St. John's wort (which, when used correctly, has a truly healing effect on the body), and celandine, as well as many other plants.

That is why the assertion that the independent creation of any infusion or decoction of hellebore strictly not recommended – is true. But skeptics of the statement continued virulence hellebore – a clear exaggeration. Next, look at the healing properties of hellebore. Their huge amount and they all proved a century of experience herbalists Caucasus. It has long been used hellebore as a medicine to clean the body of every slag, which is struggling with fine debris of the intestine, also removes from the human body the excess liquid, and with it, and absolutely useless to us toxins. Binding effect on the function of the impact of such exchange the human body – is the loss of excess weight. That's why nearly all are overweight say that need to be used hellebore to lose weight.

In fact, it's a little like this: hellebore is used to Recovery of hydrolysis, purification of the human body and, as a consequence, contributes to normalize weight. In addition, for the use of hellebore have a whole lot more evidence. If you order from the manufacturer of hellebore Zheleznovodsk, be sure to get advice on the use and its purpose. Buy hellebore is possible by contacting a professional manufacturer of medical products from herbs. Since this plant belongs to the category of strong, very, very important to follow the correct dosage in the application. That's why together with the ordered remedy is always sent free scoops. Our ancestors knew a lot about medicinal plants, conditioning us to health for many years. And today, almost all of those recipes are available to us.

Pets and Health

We all know about the useful and beneficial effect pets, and not only home, our health, mood, ability to care for someone, and generally keep the life around him. Numerous scientists have said earlier, according to the present day, that cats, for example, generally first-rate doctors, communication with horses (riding) to help get rid of mental disorders, the presence of a parrot at home can reduce heart problems, etc. Freedom from health problems with pets has been known for a long time, and still talk about it does not become smaller. For example, scientists from Australia generally argue that pets indeed capable of influencing the content of cholesterol in the blood of their owner. Domestic cats and cats – "fluffy doctors" These cute, furry creatures who love so much keep in my house people really can heal migraines, ease during inflammation, normalize blood pressure, weaken the effects of insomnia, rheumatism, heal nerves during stress and fatigue.

Although correct answer to the question 'what kind of cats action helps to cope with the above diseases? " yet one can give, all of these cases scientifically based and proven. Maybe it's the heat that comes from Fluffy, perhaps this is a special frequency vibration in conjunction with the rumbling and purring, and maybe some sort of special energy inherent in the cats and the cats. There are many cases where a couple of minutes, stroking her cat at the owner observed a normal blood pressure and pulse rate. It is proved that cats are best treated with osteoarthritis, radiculitis and other diseases of the joints, but the cats can help cope with diseases of internal organs and kill the best stress.

Philosophy Of Health

12 causes of diseases. The presence of at least one factor still leads to illness. It is very unpleasant, but it is. 1. PSYCHOLOGY. Improper installation, lack of confidence, lack of serious thinking programs, on self-development and self-education. Healthy Living brings even more insight to the discussion.

When our body begins to tell us the language of disease, ailments and other physical problems, it wants us to recognize and change your way of thinking and acting. If a person dissatisfied with himself, if he did not love anyone or no one likes, then it will affect his health? Of course. It will have a mixture of the most destructive of emotions: resentment, envy, fear, anger or rage. These people do not even have chance to be healthy. Psychology – is a powerful factor and we should start with him. It is necessary to define priorities in life.

2. POWER. Other leaders such as Josyann Abisaab offer similar insights. On this reason, most say and write, but the last thing they do. In fact, start right and good eating difficult. Need to write myself a list of products that you will never have. In humans, no specific algorithms: we will still go to restaurants, to each other at home. But there are products that can not be use under any circumstances. Do not eat foods that do not spoil. For example, grapes. He has to lie down and deteriorate 3-5 days. Today he is on store shelves for months. You can not have not wormy fruit. Do not eat, "De Chirac "," Mivina "drink coffee, juice from the store.

Home Appliances And Health

If you're reading this, then surely you have a PC at home, but still connected to the Internet. In this article I'd like to talk about how much over the last ten or fifteen years has changed our life for the better. Today, almost every flat you can find a few TVs, computer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and other electronic devices that greatly facilitate our daily life. But at the same time the Internet began to emerge materials that are accused of all of our electronic assistants in harming our body. After all, everyone knows that all that plugged in creates an electromagnetic fields, which can harm the human body, especially considering that the level of man-made electromagnetic radiation exceeds natural in a few thousand times. And there are three major household appliance that can bring the greatest harm to human health. The first such device – a computer which irradiates a user created high-frequency radiation as a monitor and system unit. The only thing I would like to notice – is that sedentary work and the constant focus on the picture screen can damage the human body is much larger than the small level of electromagnetic radiation.

Thus, damage to a computer connected to the mainly with the mode of operation on it. The next bad device – it's dryer. Yes, regular home dryer can damage your health as well as generate a powerful magnetic field, but in order for you to have at least a headache should be kept close to It included a hairdryer at least several hours. Another harmful for human electronic device – a home cordless phone. If it is installed in your house, even the manufacturers recommend not to use it continuously throughout the long period of time (at least an hour). On the other hand it is worth considering that the cell phone uses a much more powerful signal, but the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from it has not been proved. So that is still produced by the comfort of home appliances are much more valuable than the risks.

Minisaunu Siberian Health Resort

Elena, a young mother 27 years: A year ago, had a son, pleasant bustle, but the time to care for a few remained. Behind the scenes put on weight as much as 18 kg, there was cellulitis. To return to previous form, tried to diet, but the strength and lacked the patience for long. Began looking for other ways to lose weight. Referred to the visit minisauny "Siberian Health Resort" in combination with anti-cellulite massage. Such a result I did not expect – a half months was as particularly graceful and beautiful.

Thanks balm "Marigold", "Cedar", "Walnut" skin became smooth and velvety, the cellulite has disappeared. True, dietary recommendations, I tried to comply with and 1-2 times a week attended classes in fitness. After the progress during every 1-2 weeks I go to a mini-sauna for maintenance. Vladimir, a master of sports of wrestling: In the past six months, apply minisaunu "Siberian health resort" for recreation and physical fitness after training and competition. Previously recovered in a conventional sauna, but the coach did not recommend frequent use of it, because there is an overload of the body. And with a mini-sauna me easily able to lose weight before the competition and take the lactic acid from muscles after workouts.

Another important point is that this procedure can be repeated after 1-2 days without damage to health. In addition, massage combined with mini-sauna helps me very well for tension and other injuries. Valentine, a housewife for 40 years: the winter of 2006 got minisaunu "Siberian Health Resort" for use in the family. Before that, I took a course of procedures in it at one of the medical centers, got acquainted with the positive effect that has a mini-sauna on the body. 1-3 times a week we will "parimsya." The doctor recommended that the medical center and the son (5 years) procedure in the "Cedar health resort, "but in a more delicate cycle (temperature 55-57 C, 5-7 minutes). Six months later, and we are already seeing how this is good for health. She lost 5 pounds, the skin look young and healthy, had a very troubled cystitis, and now I'm on it forgotten. Husband for herself opened it a terrific source to relieve stress and tension in the body, to cure "zastarevshuyu 'knee injury. A son during that time never got sick cold.