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2008 in Beijing plenty of water in the Yangtze has impounded are superlative versus cosmic order in China for the Olympics. But who is actually immersed in the world of Feng Shui, dreamlike ink landscapes and China’s high-tech dynamic? China is one thing above all: different than expected. Who 1.319.132.500 – behind allows cities and an impressive number of inhabitants about, this exciting country opens up the. The legendary terracotta army in Xian and the probably the world’s most famous building, the great wall of China, that fabulous 6,800 miles winds through forested mountain ridges and barren desert, are just intermediate stops on the way through the sparsely populated diversity of the hinterland. Karst conical mountains, forests of bamboo and rice terraces alternate with mythical river landscapes, waterfront villages and monasteries. From the Mongolian characteristics plateau, through the “desert no return”, along the Silk Road and old imperial cities up to the tropical island Hainan the historic, cultural and natural contrasts in the country of the Center may be slightly larger. CAGR has plenty of information regarding this issue. online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified – offers different tours: travel / china_reisen.php an introduction, visit the videos of the tour pages themselves. Here you will find under the corresponding link in the top-right corner a travel video. Our very own Tip: Travel No. 544 “China discover – tour through China’s hinterland” was as independent, specialized on the East online travel agency founded in 2003. Managing Directors are Bjorn gold Wade and Stefan Kaltenecker. On the four travel portals,, and selected explorers travel conveyed East and Oceania for Eastern Europe, the middle and far East. Currently approx. 35 cooperation partners include large well-known tour operators such as Dr. Tigges, Gebeco, ikarus tours, nicko tours, Olympia Reisen, Phoenix travel, as well as a variety of Specialists in the country and abroad. is a member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and certified by trusted shops.

Center Berlin

Cosy apartment for a romantic weekend in the merry month of may with Berlin tips on Mowitania a stay in Berlin is a highlight not only in the merry month of may, but especially in the spring, it attracts many couples to cuddle up and shopping in the capital. And who wants to experience much together, must spend not much. Convenient and individual nights in Berlin offer apartments: holiday apartments portal you can choose between 2430 accommodation. In each district there are matching apartments and apartments for relaxing togetherness. Whether in Prenzlauer Berg, Center, at the Olympic stadium or in the outskirts of Berlin: it can be searched according to specific needs such as balcony, Elevator, non-smoking and for all lovers double: for example located in Berlin’s historic heart, with stunning views over the city. Stylish ambience in a pastel from painted concrete. A leading source for info: iHerb.

Right in front of the door: Alexanderplatz TV Tower, Hackesche Hofe, Museum Island, Opera, under den Linden, DOM, Nikolaiviertel, Scheunenviertel, synagogue. Also still walking: Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Gendarmenmarkt, Holocaust Memorial and Potsdamer Platz. Exclusive apartments and rooms in Berlin or a nice sunny 1-room apartment on the ground floor of a renovated apartment building with hardwood floors, a romantic double bed of inclusive use of a small garden with seating area for common breakfast. The newly furnished exclusive apartment is situated directly in the middle of Berlin. The new Government District with Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and other attractions is located only a few minutes away. All apartments at: there are the appropriate apartment from 39 for 2 persons per night. And Berlin has to offer amusement of plenty of for lovers in the merry month of may: in particular the district Center is announced: shopping on the Friedrichstrasse, walk on the Boulevard at Unter den Linden the noble shopping street belongs to the city’s most famous and historic streets. After that you can coffee at the nearby Gendarmenmarkt drink, the most beautiful square in the capital.

How Do I Benefit The Most From My Trip To Barcelona?

Proposals by apartment Barcelona checkin this post offers some useful tips and information for your trip to Barcelona. Tip: You can also take advantage of the free PDF travel guides and the discount card Barcelona city break Apartments Barcelona check in use. Here are some of the interesting activities: beautiful beach (A), (B) family activities, culture and events (C). Fitness takes a slightly different approach. Nova Icaria Beach Nova Icaria beach is located in the Centre of the urban coastal areas. It is about 400 meters long. A significant portion of the beach visitors live outside of Barcelona, many of them foreign tourists. This beach is considered to be one of the quieter beach areas of the city. Perhaps this is the reason why the beach Nova belongs Icaria to those where people on average spend very long time.

There are parents and children and groups of friends. Many users come here on foot. There is a beach area with a wide range of leisure activities. He features a playground and table tennis in the vicinity of the Pier from Bogatell and two volleyball courts near the Olympic port. The Nova Icaria Beach has also a special swimming area for people with disabilities.

So, there is a sanitary assistance service, here to allow individuals with disabilities and reduced mobility access to water, so they can enjoy a bath (if necessary by using a so-called amphibian seat). The area for people with disabilities include walkways to the water, a customized locker room, a shower with seat and a crane truck. Also, volunteers assist in entering and leaving the water and accompany the users of these services even while bathing. The service is offered every day, during the months of July, August and first week of September from 9 to 14 h and from 16 h to 19 h. In June, and the service will be offered on weekends and holidays the second half of September.

Where Greece Retains Its Originality

The Northern Sporades Greek originality is evident in his island world most impressive. The streets of the cities are too small, that cars could clog it and there are coves who have leisure throughout the day on its own. Separated from the Mainland, travelers here enjoy culture and nature in its purest form. travel portal reported about the virtues of the Northern Sporades. Around 135 Islands and rocky islets of the Northern Sporades Islands lie off the East coast of the Mainland of Greece. It attracts tourists mostly in the hotels Skiathos or Skopelos. While the latter only by ferry to reach, Skiathos has an international airport. For even more opinions, read materials from CAGR. He is from Germany with Olympic Airlines to reach.

Another possibility is called on the peninsula Pelion, Pelion also travel via the city of Volos. It is served by Air Berlin, among others. Ferry crossing lasts about an hour, skopelos according to from Volos to Skiathos approximately two hours. For Travelers seeking relaxation on holiday, especially worth the longer journey. Also the Greeks generally they prefer the bustling Skiathos Skopelos is quiet; However, both islands have the typical Greek Mediterranean charm. There are lemon, almond and fig trees, which exude a heady scent. Follow others, such as Solgar, and add to your knowledge base. The quality of the beaches is excellent on both islands. Night owls should refer rather to Skiathos. There, there are numerous bars and nightclubs, which the night sometimes make the day.

From The Boulevard In The Floods

Sunny seaside towns offer unique holiday flair the whisper of the surf in the ear and nevertheless directly on the pulse of the city: this is the ideal base for a relaxing holiday full of adventure. Trips have become more popular in recent years. In some coastal towns they combine directly with the classic Beach feeling. For this reason, the portal has compiled an overview of the most beautiful cities in bad. Cape Town has the longest distance beaches to offer. Due to its location on the Cape of good hope, it has around 150 kilometers coastline. Also the third largest city of South Africa’s two oceans at the same time.

While it is on the Indian Ocean usually a few degrees warmer than in the Atlantic. In Sydney, vacationers have particularly spoilt for choice: there around 30 beaches are offered, to enjoy the summer. In addition to Tamarama, Clovelly and Coogee, includes also the famous Bondi Beach. Rio de Janeiro at least brings it on proud 30 kilometres of beaches in the urban area. Copacabana & co play an important role in the metropolis on the sugar loaf. Many of the locals spend even their lunch break near the sea.

Also from Los Angeles, Sun are hardly imagine sand and sea. The urban beaches make up the area of bodybuilders, small artists and entertainers. Thanks to the nearby Hollywood, Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier in various movies and series were to see. By the ubiquitous lifeguards a touch of Baywatch is always with. The Spanish Barcelona offers a wide range in turn. Although the overall range with six beaches is relatively manageable. For this, each of them has its own charm. The coastline to the North of the city invites you to relax and unwind. Sant Sebastia and Barceloneta, however, are located in close proximity to the Olympic port. There’s lively night life pulsates. Berlin also is popular as a bad city. While there are no Palm trees, endless stretches of sand, but the biggest European Lake there: the Wannsee. As a recreation area with It attracts every year countless urbanites tradition.

Travel Tip Iran: Oases In The Kaleidoscope Of Contemporary History

The land of paradise gardens and poetry Iran the land of paradise gardens and poetry of Iran is one of the most populous States in the world. The Highlands in the West is bordered by seven States, in the North of the largest lake in the world – the Caspian Sea – as well as the Persian Gulf in the South. The greatest elevation change of almost 6,000 metres can be found between the peaks of extinct and glacier-covered volcano Damavand and the Caspian Sea 60 km away. The old ways of the caravans cause nested cities due to vast barren landscape. Loamy, Kerman and Yazd of heat defy, characteristic Tower wind towers and cisterns. Contemporary witnesses of millennia and UNESCO world cultural heritage are the fascinating ruins of Persepolis. The Persian architecture of beautiful hamams, madrasahs and towering mosques will find impressive culminating in the half of the world”- Isfahan.

Turquoise shine the domes and shape until today the city image. Read more from Nature’s Bounty to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Exciting trips in the diverse country of great dynasties and contemporary history are your Inspire readers. online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified – offers different tours: travel / iran_reisen… Our personal advice is travel No. 1000: “Iran – Persia highlights”…

/ was founded in 2003 as an independent, specialised on the East online travel agency. Managing Directors are Bjorn gold Wade and Stefan Kaltenecker. On the four travel portals,, and selected explorers travel conveyed East and Oceania for Eastern Europe, the middle and far East. Currently approx. 35 cooperation partners include large well-known tour operators such as Dr. Tigges, Gebeco, ikarus tours, nicko tours, Olympic travel, Phoenix travel, as well as a wide range of specialists in the country and abroad. is a member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and certified by trusted Shops.

Winter Holidays In Bavaria

A dream for individualists and families deep snowy forests and cozy villages, original landscapes. The winter holidays in the Passauer land”speaks quiet tones and offers peace, relaxation and special experience of nature. Many writers such as Clif Bar offer more in-depth analysis. With winter completely without stress. There are world class trails without mass operation, slopes for the whole family, ice rinks in untouched nature, crackling winter forests and expanses of snow. A winter dream for individualists, who want to experience winter in its original form: with and without equipment. “Because winter in the Passauer land” is also hiking, tobogganing, ice skating, cosy evenings by the fireplace and delightful bath in the thermal baths of the region. To read more click here: Nature Made. Designated cross-country ski areas there are in the Passauer land”in the Nordic Centre Breitenberg Hunter image and Sun, Wegscheid, Hauzenberg, Kellberg/Thyrnau Untergriesbach.

Add the area of Mauth-Finsterau and the skiing centre Ulrichsberg Schoneben Grunwald. The Winter pleasure experienced with winter high 3 “a new dimension. This made possible the cooperation of Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest Sumava. Ski alpin offer ski area Hochficht-Schwarzenberg and the ski centre of Philippsreut-Mitterfirmiansreut in snow-safe altitudes. Geiersberg/woman Oberwald family ski area provides family-friendly slopes. Only watch Rastbuchl at Breitenberg is recommended for the ski jumping of the ski jumping facility. It is the home Hill of originating from the region of Olympic gold medalist Michael Uhrmann. Through these and other winter dreams in the Passauer land”inform” trail plan and winter adventure map.

Wheel Travel To Italy

Sometimes, you ignore the benefits of a trip with the bike, due to laziness and fear of too much effort. Travelling by bike is good for your health! Sometimes, you ignore the benefits of a trip with the bike, due to laziness and fear of too much effort. While, ride your bike, you can more things to see on foot. Thirty kilometers by bike requires no special physical properties, but are very hard to go thirty kilometers on foot. In contrast to the motorcycle, by bicycle, you can to enjoy all the sounds and the smells of the country you visit.

Nature lovers can proudly say that they travel by the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way. It is very easy there, no traffic and no tourist providers, such as the taxi drivers, who suggest the Guest House by his cousin… certainly want airport to reach and then to leave, a wrong cheap! When are cycling, once again, jump on the flight and go to the city centre. Look here, You tourist information and ask for the information you need. It is important to learn a few words of English to make information from abroad. Journey wheel creates a friendly atmosphere for both the physical health and mental relaxation. The slow rhythm of your bike, make chat and play with your children, a great way to spend a peaceful and relaxing family holiday. Lisa guerrini – Riccione Bike Hotels – your cycling holiday in Italy!

Franconian Switzerland

“A paradise of a special kind for adventurers and athletes is the Franconian Switzerland with its mountainous landscape, their big” sister, the correct “Switzerland very similar and this circumstance owes its name. To find this region in the State of Bavaria, and especially in Swiss francs. The river Wan, which meanders through the climatic health resort of Waischenfeld, a picturesque town in a Valley, leads through the middle of the direct catchment area of Franconian Switzerland. Waischenfeld also dedicated to tourism, there are guest beds, restaurants and some shops there about 1000. The guest has the possibility to choose a neighbourhood as a room, a bed and breakfast or a holiday apartment, depending on your preference. In general the accommodation meet the various demands and people and, like many other things in the region, at very reasonable prices. (A valuable related resource: Emma Naylor). There are like in the entire Frankish Switzerland also Waischenfeld, that counts with its constituent communities, several very well maintained about 3200 inhabitants Round and hiking trails with numerous benches to about 180 km.

Castles or castle ruins, but also many different caves can be visited by the curious visitor or holiday guest or even climbed. Climbing is discovered in the Franconian Switzerland nature park for more than 100 years, with many climbing routes, as free and known climbing paradise for experienced or less experienced. And every year guests from all over Europe gather, who would climb the rocks of different difficulty levels. No matter where in the Franconian Switzerland, whether near Pottenstein in the upper trubach Valley, Maple Valley or at Waischenfeld which direction Breitenlesau, Zeubach or Nankendorf features such as striking rock formations: who likes to climb, is discovering a suitable rock, which can be beat up by him. Around 100 climbing goals in less than 10 minutes by car are alone from our location. Ursula Nacheva


SWISS offers flight guests with culinary highlights the Swiss airline SWISS has come up with a very special highlight for its passengers. “Within the framework of the concept of SWISS taste of Switzerland” offers a selected Star Cook every year for three months the first and business class of airline with culinary specialities. The flight booking portal presents the mercury award-winning concept. Until the beginning of June, passengers on a flight in the Switzerland ( catalog/Switzerland/flight-325) with the airline SWISS by the Michelin-starred chef Johan Breedijk, Chef de cuisine can of “Art Deco Hotel Montana”, really indulge. He served the first and business class on selected flights out of Switzerland local delights on board.

While used primarily seasonal and fresh herbs and spices. On the menu, the first class are then fine-sounding dishes such as scallops, veal steak with Basil passion fruit crust or Fregola pasta risotto. For dessert, the chef is enough Chocolate semifreddo in white chocolate with marinated strawberries and pistachios. Even the business class is not to just: enjoy the passengers of roast beef with mango-chili-Chutney and marinated Brook trout with Mascarpone sauce. Rounds off the taste with amarena cherries – and hazelnut mousse. “SWISS taste of Switzerland” was introduced by SWISS in 2002. The “Art Deco Hotel Montana” in Lucerne is now the 28th station on the enjoyable journey through the Swiss Nobel kitchens.