The BossHoss: Break Free Tour

The BossHoss: Break free Tour 2009 – tickets kick off for a new BossHoss year: “Last Day” is the first single, go with the Cowboys from Berlin at the start. It is the prelude to a large BossHoss summer: after three gold albums appeared in June the new LongPlayer “do or the”. And the boys have remained true to himself without the thought of standstill could ever come up. “Last Day” is a straightforward rock number, the to the party invites and hence a statement connects: “is about an old rock ‘n’ roll theme: ‘Live fast, die young’.” But to paint the past in the sense, to start, always to rise again, because each day can be your first”bandleader Sascha aka Hoss says. And the BossHoss appear the evidence not only with “Last Day”, which can be fun to stay tuned: you present your new album on an open air tour in the great open-air theatres and arenas of the Republic before each 3,000 to 10,000 fans. “It is already crazy, if you remember where you came from and in which short time everything” has happened,”explained Alec aka boss the enthusiasm of the band for what now lies before them. In 2009, it is clear: the Cowboys continue their thing. Every day can be a first? Get tickets now and experience the BossHoss live. Source: Eventim Germany