The Evolution

Durkheim stated: If there were entities that they exist outside of us and mentions the native language, writing and the monetary system as examples.Durkheim also said that society was something that was outside and inside man at the same time because it was adopted and interiorizaba the values and morals of society, this also derives that some may be forced to certain parameters and limits which they disagree and are rebelling against it.Anthropology (Greek? anthropos, man (human)’, and?, logos, ‘knowledge’), is the social science that studies the human being’s form holistic. By combining in a single discipline approaches to natural, social and human sciences. Anthropology is, above all, a science integrating studies man in the context of society and culture to which it belongs; and, at the same time, as the same product. Is can be defined as the science that deals with studying the origin and development of the range of human variability and social modes of behavior over time and space, i.e., the existence of the human race biosocial process. Social and cultural anthropology shows how man through various stages constructed a cultural legacy, as traditions, customs, lifestyles, which are apprehended and disseminated to achieve harmony and full coexistence of all human species. For some, the story is decisive for objective construction of reality, thus exposed him Berger and Luckmann in the social construction of reality (1966) which presents a journey through the history of institutions and their role in society since the theory of knowledge. Its intention is to place the way in which human beings get objectifying some degree of knowledge, which, through its settlement in the routine of day to day, arrives to set up symbolic universes that operate significantly in what is He has referred to as common sense.That being so, history is a constant in the life of man, therefore, social facts are a permanent reconstruction of history, which is decisive for the evolution of societies.Early societies are characterized by being primitive in the work of the economic and social relations, relations of production emerging until reaching a good level of maturation, there is a lot of work in team to respond to a need, as it is the food, dress, made urgent with the passage of time.