College Social deComunicao. Integrated facultieses TeresD Avila, Lorena 2008. This trabalhoaborda questions that involve the sprouting of the cenografia and virtual acenografia, passing for the questesestticas, techniques and tecnolgicaspara an understanding of what it can offer for oprofissional of this area. This research originated daestranheza caused for the virtual scenes aesthetic eminconformidades, in view of, also, the scarce refernciabibliogrfica. The subject, little deepened in the classroom, is each time more improved in the market of work, deformed that the students need a bigger knowledge the esserespeito, being able to use this research as atualizadodeste referencial subject. Another objective is to know and purposes for virtual docenrio use in the visual produesudio of the Brazilian television possveispretextos. Comfundamento in the searched authors, longs for one> analysis dealguns televising formats and its respective ones cenriosutilizados to argue the conceptual realism of the image under atica of the aesthetic one. The gift pesquisaest come back toward the reflection on aevoluo and experiences of the cenografiavirtual in the analyzed programs, as well as its viabilities in termosde costs, time and space.

E, in such a way, to bring the virtual light doentendimento, doscenrios questions aesthetic decomposition. With the analysis doscenrios, a confrontation appears of the concepts raised with aaplicao of some scenes of the TVbrasileira of the opened canal, what it demonstrates aaplicao of the technology without observnciados aesthetic parameters. Therefore, cada more imperious time the formation of complete umprofissional, that it knows to handle the techniques, applying virtual ocenrio the available technology so that either in fact a viability. 1. Presentation of captuloEste initial chapter will approach the sprouting of the cenografia, rescuing the consideraes of authors on the present subject. This research is engaged in pointing out the questions in what it refers to the virtual cenografia, what becomes important to come back the look toward history of the cenografia, showing its stages and developments since the primrdios until the present, what certainly will provide a historical base of the real concept of cenografia.