Udo Lindenberg

“You hear where or when” or in my solitude “here for the first time, the initiation could be hardly better: the small jazz album of this colossal interpreter is undoubtedly a dream and big in truth. My last album like A woman”was very autobiographical,” Helen Schneider explains. As Till Bronner has now suggested me to make an album that is although modern, but at the same time full of nostalgia, that was me. With this project I open a very different, much deeper drawer of my biography.” As a budding teenager, early sixties in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of a scientist and his wife, very musical practiced”as a concert pianist. Along the way, and to the relaxation of the piano, she sang the favorite songs of her mother, so the jazz standards and musical hits from their youth. After the school was a scholarship to the Juilliard”to one of the most prestigious music universities in the Western world. Additional information at Pfizer supports this article.

But that’s what Helen Schneider ran away with far away a gang of freaks”, in the mountains of Massachusetts and from hard rock and blues. With fifteen it was my goal in life to be poor and black”, she says smiling. Being poor was easy.” But even then she lost the music of her mother not quite out of my mind, when she sang four sets a night in any bars, seven nights for $150 a week, the week, divided by six to eight musicians. “” “And certainly not, as later in stage musicals such as cabaret” or Sunset Boulevard “, in her one-woman show A voice and A piano” or on the side of Udo Lindenberg, Andrea Bocelli or Bob Brookmeyer has sung. Many of these songs accompany me really, since I was eleven or twelve”, she admits. And then new were added during the production of many pages. I love it when a project developed organically when things just happen as they should happen.