THE who PERSEVERES reaches, how many times have not heard this phrase? Many times right? But we apply in our daily lives? I want to start this article with this slogan: never give by expired, everything that you start, finish it! This cost me much learn it, but finally put in place it in my personality and now every time culminated in an objective, feel wonders, I think invincible and with more power for the next goal on the list. Since I was a child, I have been persevering or rather insistent, say this because everytime I wanted to leave me with mine, I was able to insist until you obtain the desired, but that passed once I got what I wanted I was bored and wanted to initiate me into something else, such as classes or courses (dance, swimming, fencing, athletics, Ballet, English, music(, University courses, etc) finally all this started it and many of them were never completed. For example when he was 15 years old, long fight to get into classes of four, then I got tired and I felt I needed something more difficult and change me to guitar lessons, once I learned a little, I go to classes of mandolin and I believe in that pass a good time and no completion no class today I do not remember anything about those instruments, can believe it? My poor parents threw their money away, that hurts, because I can see it clearly now, I was just a girl who was disoriented in that constancy was referring, this quality was in me, but had to work much on it. Visit Geoffrey Harger for more clarity on the issue. It grew you were presenting new challenges, that would be decisive for my future and all what you undertook should culminate. I first saw me forced to graduating, in a career that was not my calling what happened? Because due to lack of economic resources does not study the career he wanted (psychology), and chose another by the economic benefits that this I would provide in the future (engineering), in the end, this race take me with enough lightness and the truth with little motivation, but in a point of it when I started seeing my classmates as progressed and I just I was back, because my vision change completely, well now be engineer was a specific objective and which already do not lose more time and so it was only had to decide and I engage fully with the race, in fact I loved it and how magically graduated in record timeIt is incredible to see when a person is totally focused, nothing and nobody achieves it deviates from its objectives, and that with perseverance and determination it achieves what was proposed. .