Tarot, Interpretations and Health

THE MOON This naipe suggests the continuous presence of envy, the deception, the jealousy, the prejudice in the daily life; it is a danger and notice. It is the false reality, that falls under our eyes; for the Indians she is Mayan, whom the habitual deceit presides over, the illusion expressed by the matter. Right: As well as the previous letter radiated the light, in this, the moon does not seem to go at night beyond the shades, in the dark hide enemies, are latent dangers in our mind, emerge unconscious with memories forgotten the past, deceits, falsification, atmosphere of insincerity, bad friendships with two faces, egoistic, danger to fall in misfortunes, little sincere calumnies, relations and interested before making a decision it must be meditated. Key words: Intuition, threshold of an important change, difficult and dark way, development of psychic powers. Navigation, experimentation, laborious work.

Invested: Dreams or deceptive intuitions, friendly mistaken, secret kept awake, memories that weigh in bring back to consciousness, dangerous fantasies, damages, are a warning for nonFIAR only of the instinct, but to be with the feet in the ground, traps, false suppositions, lunticos changes of humor, states, falsification. In the health it indicates reumatismo, cellulitis, hallucinations Key words: Dangers nonseen, enemy hidden, hallucination, self-deception, hysteria, disorientation. Instability, lies, traps, false to know, neurotic character. Scandal, secret that becomes public, blackmailer. Interpretations: In concrete it: Time of distrust that reflects uncertainties on the future. Fertility, possibility of pregnancy.

In work: The answers are after long reflection and meditation. In money: There is no fluidity, the income are suspended, but soon it will be solved. In friendship: The doubts generate distrust in the bonds. In family: Distant atmosphere where every one does what wants. In health: To take care of reproductive organs and digestives. In love: Stage of grief, does not know as to follow ahead. If you wish more information it visits LETTERS OF the TAROT Source article: Egyptian tarot Original author and source of the article