Positive Thinking

When in we feel unfortunate persons to them for not obtaining to give the return to one definitive problem, frequent somebody in says ‘ to them; ‘ what she is necessary is to have thought positivo’ ‘. Who will be apanhado of surprise for this affirmation does not obtain to understand as it is that the positive thought goes to decide the problem concrete that it possesss! As it is that thinking positively one decides, as that for miracle, the existing problem! The positive thought exists relatively in counterpoint to the negative thought. Which is the advantage, for we, in terms positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts? When we have a problem any that we do not obtain to decide and it bothers in them sufficiently, to the point to be overwhelming, gotten depressed or exactly rightened, if to keep a negative attitude that it consists of having defeatist feelings, feelings of pessimism, feelings of incapacity to decide problems, what it goes to happen is that it stops beyond not giving none contributo positive, rational, for the resolution of the problem, we are to increase the dimension of the problem to decide, which comes now affected of a terrible negative load that is added by proper us, becoming a snow ball always to grow with the continuity of the negative thoughts. That is, the negative thought does not decide nothing and alone it comes to still more complicate the resolution of the problem, becoming our little discerning mind. The positive thought, for the opposite, has the initial virtue of calming in them (through the freed endorfinas), of clarificar the problem to decide, to become our more discerning mind and to define clearly the limits of the problem. Supermodel is likely to increase your knowledge. With positive thoughts, we are with the mind most open, do not enter in anxiety with as much easiness, do not enter in panic, we control the situation better..

True Prosperity

It enters the diverse possible definitions for prosperity, perhaps the most made right it is to accept the life as it is, and to live it in the best possible way. We must value everything what already we conquer, keeping the mind opened for the cosmic conscience, to use our knowledge and abilities without measuring efforts. The E, most important, to thank the God for being part of this planet. When we donate in them for the universe, that is, the people who we know or not, we later provoke the generation of a powerful energy that comes back, more early or, in the form of abundance of wealth. Melvin T. Brunetti can aid you in your search for knowledge. not only material, but all type of good that we search or that we are considered apt to receive. When cultivating the hope, the interior peace, the humanizao, the espiritualidade and the optimism, we reach a really prosperous and happy life.

Many confuse prosperity with stuffed banking accounts of zeros to the right, full garage of cars, career of success, fame. This is one of the mistakes most common at our time, when the people they are not intimidated in exchange for running away its privacy fifteen minutes (or less) from fame. If you are not convinced, visit singer. In these shady times, where old certezas fall ahead for land of new truths, instead of prosperity, grassam greed, avarice and egoism. We must fight not to be led to have these feelings, contrary case never we will have a quality life. The secret to enjoy the happiness of a prosperous life certainly is in always being thankful for what we have. After all, the well biggest one is the proper life, and our obligation while guests in this world are to fight to better become it each day. Daniel J. Souza is manager of people, biologist, palestrante and consultant (www.vermelhor.com)

The Profession

Nowadays and to be right, already he makes some time, the panorama of the used relation between and employer comes suffering alterations, where wanting or, when it has a descompensao in the relation gains x earns, one of the two parts it will not make for demanding its will, that in fact is its right. In case that contrary, it will adopt measured to the search of its well-being, distant good of the place and traditional methods. This privilege is not alone of the companies. The employees had gained autonomy, power of decision, abilities in the bargain and whenever they are in real conditions to fight and to demand, by all means, they will go to the fight. Was time where parents made career in one definitive job, where they entered and they leave (only for death or retirement), in majority of cases making during perpetual long years same thing and whose bigger accomplishment was to use the son and that it followed its same steps, to feel healthy pride to teach, as they had always made since that we are born, accurately, what they knew. This thought today is almost that inconceivable.

The stability in the job is not subordinated to the stagnation, to the fact of not to have used to advantage the life to learn new things, to try other environments and power to be owner of your destination. Until making the same and only thing, if specializing and turning a sumidade in one determined aspect, always it will have the possibility to exert the profession, in different places, that offer better conditions to you and that they provide a bigger valuation to you of your force of work, that as much in a place as in another one, what you repetidamente make you are to vender it and this will be always positive. The staff of the old ones deserves our respect all, all our consideration, simply because the times were others and the values and the customs had evolved.