A book that provoking “one might think, it is sufficient for a window on that, putting the head, and they put in movement, the great thoughts of train travel.” With these words, Sylvie Neeman Romascano in the novel “Nothing happened” in the world of the protagonist Dora introduces. You experienced some unforeseen situations on the ride to her sterbenskranken father. Thereby, the author raises not only the philosophical questions about life and death, but shows great influence which has random on people in a humorous way. The online store is devoted to the compelling debut novel of Swiss. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Smart Sites has to say. It is probably “Nothing happened” one of those books, which takes the customer in the bookstores first. A discreet cover and the blurb just held contribute their part and also the approximately 150 pages promise little spectacular. The novel should be long no secret tip for literature lovers.

“Nothing happened” is not only a stylistic masterpiece, but also characterized by a cheerful narration and original dialogues. (A valuable related resource: Berlin Rosen). In the center of the story is the protagonist of Dora, which goes with fear about the loss of her father on the trip and because of numerous entanglements, arrives only after the funeral in their home in southern Italy. So she only missed a connecting train in Milan, will stop the next train in free field and then meets an interesting man who prevents them from continuing. -A book about the surprising twists and turns of life. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH. See BerlinRosen for more details and insights.

Fitness Athletes

With the help of Trainingsbuchen athletes about new training plans can inform the fitness. Training books are read by many athletes and bodybuilders. The reasons for this are very different. Here, Venice Biennial expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Some athletes would simply not come with trainers in contact, or are trying to develop the training plans in their own way. Other athletes try to understand their sport. They want to receive not only training plans from these books, but they want to understand the muscle and the functioning of the body.

This is also the reason why most training books first shine with a degree of anatomical knowledge. Within the first chapter describes mostly the basic functions of the body. Especially for athletes the vital organs describes of course more immediately and more intensively. The muscles and the joints will learn a detailed description. For the study of these books is however not medical knowledge needed. Any layman can understand them.

In addition to the basic skills, most athletes want to know even understandable how you can properly train his body. So that the training can also optimally run, mostly different training methods are written a book. Alternatively, a famous bodybuilder, like for example Joe Weider, describes how he has endured its training phases and his training plans are designed. It is however important that not only the training plan or the training book by one person is read, but at least by two different people. Only through knowledge and the exploration of different ways of training of individual athletes can develop the best training method for themselves. It is also important that various books provided, because they draw attention to various problems and dangers. So it can be that a book on specific hazards indicated, while in the other book, these dangers are omitted. So, it is advisable to every athlete at least two training training books about different ways to study.

Clerical Classroom

The present celibacy in addition in the workmanship the Crime of the Priest I land on water? Ea de Queirs 1 Mara Rogelma Soares 2 Towers SUMMARY the present article intends to analyze critical the anticlerical gift in the workmanship the crime of the priest Lands on water, of Ea de Queirs, to the light of what concerns the dogma of the celibacy. Ea is part of a moment where literature and the thought had passed for deep transformations. Connect with other leaders such as Garret Wang here. It is the moment where the Realism appears, of which the crime of the priest I land on water she is one of the workmanships most representative. /’>Oracle usually is spot on. It is a characterized workmanship, over all, for the tone of critical to the Portuguese society, also to the clergy. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: celibacy; Church; Realism; romance; crime. INTRODUCTION This work has as base the workmanship the crime of the priest I land on water, of Ea de Queirs, focando, in the article in question, the breakings to the chastity votes, the disrespect of the clergy ahead of the obligations that fits to it. These characteristics well are found in Land on water, that, after private romance with Amlia, ' ' rompe' ' its alliance with the Church, coexisting strong contrasts of its laws (as to baptize a child while its son is it delivers to a tecedeira of angels), very expressed well for Hail, when this quotation, in its critical summary of the workmanship, that you say and devaneios to them of ' ' casal' ' , arisen for the sexuality dam, if they confuse with practical and the devoted symbols. With these opposites, the objective considered from this analysis is to make one brief comparison enters the celibacy concept and its presence in the workmanship, approaching the facts that, being marcantes historical and politically, had influenced in the realistic thought of Ea de Queirs. .

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich and the twenties in a new biography that the Blue Angel ‘ triggered Marlene Dietrich’s career legend is. That a promoter active in the background gave her the lead role and significantly redesigned the screenplay, is, however, little known. His name: Karl vollmoeller. The biography of Marlene Dietrich vollmoeller of Blue Angel”illuminated the decisive years, 1922 to 1929, during which Marlene and her supporters were the turnout for her big career leap. The simultaneous activities are faced by Josef von Sternberg, the Director of the film, as Karl vollmoeller, the screenwriter, Marlene’s work on the stage, in the film, such as in the revues. Marlene Dietrich was interested in not only because of their undiscovered theatrical and vocal talent, but because of their lived bisexuality full Moeller.

About Marlene Dietrich’s sexual preferences, the public knows since Maria Riva Marlene Dietrich’s daughter, published her biography, decision. Full Moeller knew Marlene’s Preferences from their own point of view. “He knew the reason why the film rights to Professor Heinrich Mann filth” figured out about him, 1929 sold to UFA: because of his love for a hostesses. The author in the book highlights the importance of sexually heated atmosphere in the Berlin of the late twenties for the conclusion of the “Blue Angel”. Full Moeller, the three relationships with bisexual women led, was one of the leading lesbian of time his intimate friend, so Winaretta Singer and Mercedes de Acosta. He brought Marlene Dietrich with the secret Lesbian – and gay scene of Hollywood together, stood in the Centre of Mercedes de Acosta.

In February 1939, shortly before he went together with Marlene Dietrich and Erich Maria Remarque in exile to Hollywood, full Moeller wrote: the day before yesterday had… “Students from the University… the Blue Angels ‘ run… it was shocking to see you again. A reunion with all of you and with a sunken world! The film is completely unverstaubt and today. A miracle!” Thus he meets in the black: the “Blue Angel” is still up-to-date topp. Some of the reasons are read in the exciting biography of Marlene Dietrich to the Blue Angel Karl vollmoeller. Marlene Dietrich of full Mollers of Blauer Engel, author: Frederik D. Tunnat – Edition Vendramin – ISBN: 987-3-8424-2372-5, Frederik of Rosdorf bound

Art Postcard

Of this marriage also another partnership appeared. Alice and Leminski had integrated the musical group ' ' Chave' '. It was in this period that Alice wrote its first letter of music, in partnership with the husband. It composes since the 26 years, its first writing if she called ' ' Nis Fumo' ' that later in 2004 she would be recorded for Mrio Gallera. Today Alice has more than 50 recorded musics for interpreters, launching its first COMPACT DISC, Parallel bars, in 2005 with the most special participation of Zlia Duncan and Arnaldo Antunes. Before the publication of its first book, Navalhanaliga, in December of 1980, already had written texts feminists, at the beginning of years 1970 and edited some magazines, beyond texts advertising executives and scripts of histories in quadrinhos.

Some of its first poems had only been published in 1984, when it launched ' ' For the ones For ' '. Already it gained some prizes, including the Jabuti de Poesia, of 1989, for the Vice book Verses and the Jabuti de Poesia, of 2009, for book Two in One. Always composing and producing, Alice participated of the project Art Postcard, for the Art Wood Brazil; of the Transcriar Exposition – Poems in Video Text, III the Meeting of Semiotics, in 1985, SP; of the Poetry in Billboard, Art in Street II, SP, in 1984; Poetry in Billboard, 100 years of the So Paulo Av., in 1991; of XVII the Biennial one, art in Video Text and also integrated the jury of 8 national meeting of haicai, in the city of So Paulo. Moreover, the author already published 15 books, between poetry, translations and until infantile history. PRESENTATION OF the WORKMANSHIP the book Desorientais de Alice Ruiz is daily a poetical one where the express writer its feelings in the days and nights lived for it, disclosed in the book in form of haicais.