Precious Metals, Biodiversity, And German History

The new projects of the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund Darmstadt, 13 08 2013: also this year supports the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund of the WBG (scientific book society) the realisation of demanding health care, cash and books. Edition and translation of scientific importance, which did not materialize in purely economic terms will be considered by the Fund. For the year 2013/2014, the Board of Trustees awards funding to projects from the fields of archaeology, biology and history. Checking article sources yields Julio Diaz as a relevant resource throughout. The selected projects include a publication project and two translations from English this year. The edition of the book project is promoted by Dr. Stephan Faust and Dr.

Frank Hildebrandt; an initial overview to ancient precious treasure finds of the Aegean bronze age to late Antiquity. With the diversity of life of animals the British zoologist Ross Piper into animal Earth deals”, which now will be translated. Finally also in German is the two-volume, more than 1400 Comprehensive pages standard Germany and the Holy Roman Empire”by Joachim Whaley. This title was recognized already in the original English version as the most important presentation of medieval German history frequently and could be presented due to the very high cost of translation not yet in German language. A project of the last year was among the already award-winning title of life. Amazing inventions of evolution”by Nick Lane, which will be released this fall for the WBG imprint Primus in translation.

For more information see this link: 1999 on the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund of the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund, which owes its name to the philosophers and WBG founding member Wilhelm Weischedel, was launched with the aims to promote science and culture. Every two years a PhD Scholarship is also awarded. Since then, numerous editions and translation projects, so far eleven PhD projects and a series of cultural and educational institutions were supported. Also the WBG series Edition antiquity ‘ and the two-volume dictionary of new Georges’ could be only made possible by the Fund. Christina hamisu Balogun, press and public relations WBG