Formula Football

The paid best guys of the sports world, are mostly young, and mostly very rich. They are called as the billionaires of the sport, form that is known to this select group. Most of these revenues are produced by advertising and image rights. Proof of this is that some of them have retired years and remain in the list of the highest paid. Names like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan are proof of this. The first of them retired over 25 years ago and reported profits in 2006 by image amounting to 55 million dollars. According to the Forbes magazine, which every year brings revealed the list of the best paid athletes in the world, you see this year for the third consecutive, leads the first, fantastic tennis player Tiger Woods. At just 31 years it is the highest paid player in the world, entering between the 2005 and 2006 more than 74 million Euros.

They continue in this list Michael Schumacher 60 million Euros. / Formula one Phil Mickelson 35.5 million euros. / Golf. Valentino Rossi 29.5 million euros. / Pilot of motorbike. Kobe Bryant 23.5 million euros. / Player in NBA, Ronaldinho Gaucho 23 million euros.

Football. Shaquile O Neal 22.6 million euros / basketball. Carson Palmer 21 million euros / American football. David Beckham 20 million euros / football. And with a football player term, inviting that if decean see a collection of the best videos on you tube, in a single Web, football visit my page.