Russian Academy

In our time, important to know at least one foreign language. The most optimal, probably would be, to learn English. English is spoken by most types half the population of the globe. Celebrity trainer wanted to know more. Knowing this, you can increase your professional skills to help their children in learning. English is needed even in everyday life, in order to read the instructions for household appliances (in fact not always applied its translation into Russian or Ukrainian language). Ways English language mass: a variety of techniques, courses, schools, computer programs, tutorials, video tutorials and so on.

We'll concentrate on learning English according to the method by Ilona Davidova. This method exists more than 10 years, helping people to achieve this goal. There are two courses of the rapid method: the linguistic and literary. Linguistic course is designed for self-study conversation. The course considered household conversation (dialogue, sentence structure, basic grammar).

Studied the vocabulary of the course consists of more than 3000 words. Method as systematized, built on knowledge in the field human psychology and the possibilities of his memory. The program is specifically designed to study the English language, which is very important. It is designed for people who do not have much time for training. Express method by Ilona Davydova took place at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the special tests. This audiokurs differs from others in that the audio course uses specific sounds that are contribute to better learning and memorizing the material taught. Signals at these rumors are not recognized and treated at the subconscious level.