The Basis For Eating Well

Diet, exercise and hygiene to avoid getting sick depends on you. Help you regain health when you get sick depends on the doctor. The doctor is more interested in healing than in catering. But forget or may not know, that a diet full of nutrients when they are sick can relieve a person much faster and make the drugs work optimally. MAYOR TO BELIEVE THAT A WELL COME. Those who can eat meat, milk and eggs believe, mistakenly eating while most people have mistaken beliefs as always, lives as self-deluded, thinking that eating well, just because he eats plenty of meat, poultry, fish, seafood , milk, cheese, coffee, eggs, bread, tortillas, rice, an occasional fruit once in a while, salads. That is not a full board.

That does not mean eating well. The common advice even doctors are being well fed that just eats everything, have a diet as varied as possible, without saying that food and that amount. If you do not talk about the quantities of each food and each nutrient that advice is useless. Actually you do not need to eat everything, you only need to eat foods where nutrients are the quantities that are needed every day and yet despite this great advice, most people do not vary their meals, but: Most swears he eats everything and that their meals are sufficiently varied that eating lots of fruit. When the doctor asks someone: Do you eat everything?, This person swears it is. Then the doctor says, well, that side everything is fine.