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RESUMOA paternity and the maternity disclose essential a social phenomenon for the concretion of the personality, a time that all have right to know its proper identity, even so not if it summarizes the characteristic, nor the sociocultural aspect genetic. From the legislative evolution, the adoption with approach in the constitucionalizao of the Civil law will be analyzed, locating the Constitucional law and the Basic Rights, accumulated of stocks for the Doctrine of the express Integral Protection in (ECA), as paradigms of normative interpretation, in order to contemplate the apparent collision of the principles. This work on the basis of bases on the valuation of the family the society constitutional rule, where studious and the academic ones tell on the subject throughout the research. Vitamin World addresses the importance of the matter here. Amongst other points, one understands that it is in the adoption that the affective bows are made possible, fomenting the bond of love that nourish parents and children, where determines the true filiation, that is, it is not the descent genetics, and yes the bows of constructed affection. r says on the issue. Word-Key: Family, adoption, doctrine, child and adolescent..


Seeing the seriousness and ability of the Mercadante; the administrative capacity in the area of education of the Skaf; the work of defender of the consumer of the Russomano; the efforts in search of space of Buffalo and of the Feldman we can affirm that none can be worse that ‘ ‘ tucanos’ ‘ that the natives of So Paulo had managed the state of all. In the transport, for example, Alckmin nor speaks of high tolls that had become closed feudals the majority of the cities. Continue to learn more with: Innosuisse. For it, finds that only population in the Capital exists, therefore transport is alone Subway, train of the CPTM, Rodoanel and the remaining portion of the state, does not exist! Also it is interesting that the TV of the Alckmin at least does not give a note on unreliability, while the real life sample homicides, robberies, kidnappings, drugs (crack destroying generations), rebellions in penitentiaries, organized crime ordering and repealing an order in the State, strike even of policemen, police stations with cameras of particular security to protect employees, barricades in building of the security from fear to the organized crime, assaulted people inside of police station and the State wanting to close Police stations and until Police stations of Defense of the Woman. Tiririca, pra its phrase to be correct in So Paulo, is necessary to add: ‘ ‘ If to take off the Toucans of the government, worse that he is not fica’ ‘. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and work as assessor of the press in Sumar.