Unique Pet Food – For Your Favorite – With Galacum

Galacum inspires not only In April of this year the company – a pet food for dogs and cats on the market, which has the customers food quality, the gentle cooking process and the addition of Galacum by its composition, only natural raw materials and ingredients in 100% true storms of enthusiasm brought animal lovers for your favorite (FIL AG) from the Switzerland under the name – delicious food menu -. \”In a very short time the animals have reacted positively to the food and have become visibly more vital, commented Claus Gigla, who has worked on the development of the product and adds proudly: I think we have one of the best pet food on offer at the time.\” As the spontaneous testimonials show, have already many customers positive experiences with – delicious food menus – made by FIL. The aim of FIL AG, to do anything for a healthy diet of your favorite is according to Claus Gigla. This claim, in exclusive and sole way is satisfied with the addition of sour whey concentrate Galacum. In the development of the He has brought his years of experience in animal food delicacy. After endless tests and trials is now a high quality pet food with Galacum on the market, that kind of fair and healthy fed the animals, he says enthusiastically.

Several factors were important in developing the – delicious food menus of. The preparation should be gentle, minerals, vitamins and other vital ingredients can remain as possible and are also absorbed by the body. This reaches the FIL AG through a gentle cooking process, in which the contents of the filled and sealed cans for up to three hours slowly is cooked in an autoclave. This cooking technique, we need no preservatives or stabilizers, Gan said. On the other hand, the meat should be higher than conventional pet food that included the meat often only four to eight percent.

Experience Green Day Live In Munich

In June of this year, Green Day occur in the context of an open air concert on the Racecourse in Munich-riem. Nutra Ingredients has similar goals. The U.S. punk rock legends Green Day will visit Munich this summer during their Europe tour. The group plays on June 11 at the site of the Olympic equestrian centre. Visitors staying at hotels Munich, have the opportunity to experience the thrilling live performance under the open sky. Founded in the late 1980s, were”Green Day with albums such as Dookie, their major-label debut and first mainstream success, at the top of the punk revival in the United States.

With release of the album American Idiot”in 2004 increased the awareness of even further from Billy Joe Armstrong, Trio Mike Dirnt and Tre cool existing from California. Designed in the style of a rock opera, the album introduced the band to a younger generation of fans and delivered hits such as the title track and Boulevard of broken dreams”. In May last year released their eighth Studio album, 21st century breakdown”Green Day. Fans, the concert in “” Munich visit, can on the best tracks of the most recent album, as well as a selection of classics such as basket case”brain stew/jaded, when I come around”, minority”and good riddance (time of your life)” happy. ” Concert tickets are available from 54.50. The event begins at 16:30 local time. Further evidence of the continuing popularity of the band, is the fact that in the United States recently on the American Idiot”album-based musical production on Broadway was opened.

The performance grossed $ 777,860 in its first week and is celebrated as another triumph of the group. In addition, their music on Broadway reached a whole new audience.

He Subdues The Dragons

Portrait of a very successful 3-man keel boat unit class, which is still appealing for racing and cruiser. Dr. Rupa Huq wanted to know more. The timelessly elegant Dragon celebrated his 80th birthday last year, without losing popularity now. The renowned Norwegian designer Johan anchor drew the lines of the Dragon in 1929 and won a contest with this design of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club for a low-cost, safe, and easy to segelndes boat for young and ambitious sailors families. But obviously, at the time not only the judges were impressed, because the Dragons immediately began to conquer the hearts of sailors around the world, and he does it until today. From 1948 to 1972 was the Dragon Olympic boat class, 1960, Crown Prince Constantine of Greece won the gold medal, 1964 of the sail maker and founder of the North group Lowell North the bronze medal.

Among other things the reputation of Dragon class as the \”King class\” of the modern profession is based on this time. But the Dragon enjoys continued rising even after the Olympic era Popularity. The impressive combination of safety, friendly crew sailing qualities and timeless appearance has secured a unique place in the hearts of many yacht sailing around the world the \”Bugatti of the sea\”. Today the Dragon is one of the most sailed keel boat classes of the world with the numerically strong fleets in Europe, North America and the southern hemisphere in Australia and New Zealand. Taken together, more than 1,500 boats in 27 Nations from 5 continents at the International Dragon are Association, international class Association of the Dragon sailors, registered. The boat class with the mythical beast breathing fire is nowhere as successful as in this country. It is \”difficult to sail\”, a dragon says the reigning world champion Thomas Muller. \”The sail area is relatively small and the body pretty hard.\” Who wants to be here faster than the competition, needs a lot with sensitivity.

Dusseldorf More

Love & sex: For these reasons much sex keeps sex as Antiaging program ten years is young and fit you can win at least in appearance, the researcher Dr. David Weeks claims. For more than 16 years, he interviewed l3. 500 Europeans and Americans aged 21-101, a decade younger acting all, testify as their date of birth. The most common of the fountain faces: They have sex often. Love & sex: For these reasons holds lots of sex keeps young and fit, the luck of the sex is beta endorphins.

and be released during sexual intercourse in the body. They then trigger the secretion of various hormones, which develop their positive effect overnight in part. Especially with good sex. The had the eisten study people in a relationship, in the the partners hold tightly to each other, talk openly with each other and thus less suffer from stress. 20 percent had more sex (2.5 per week) than others of the same age. Some have sex even up to 25 times in the week.

Undeniably a correlation existed between Sex life and young appearance. But only if the sample workers not permanently changed the partner. The program of fountain of youth helps so fidelity and monogamy. Results in men and women: both sexes can benefit from the sex-rejuvenating effect. Women between the ages of 40 to 50 years age however stronger than men in the face. That is, regardless of their sex lives because this age group is often anxious and suffers more worries. You are unfortunately as peers men and that more sex keeps young the aging process and these factors promote the anti-aging: vegetarian diet, not smoke, rarely sunbathing, mental fitness exercises and sports remain active,. Still enough money, so no financial worries, acts mostly as a stress buffer. Loneliness and depression, however, increase the risk of aging. Love & sex: Lots of sex keeps young and fit sex is so young and fit, fun and good fun. So, all reasons for lots of sex. If you want to look even younger and more Joie de vivre would like to, that you should enjoy your sex life to the fullest. Enjoy this. Book reviews: The love diet, the fortune cookie-Oracle, small imbalances. More information on the subject see contact: Susan Heat Love & life P.o. box 24 02 47 40091 Dusseldorf email: Tel. + 49 0211 49 588 41 Susan Heat is love & life consultant, coveted TV expert, author and excellent Lecture speaker. She calls a spade a spade, brings it to the point and has plenty of humor, charm and charisma. You love the people young and old. She is authentic, extravagant and this incredible human and lovable. She never leaves the House without a hat. Without Hat I feel naked”, is her famous statement. Courage to the hat. Courage to womanhood.