Bad Luck

Bad luck is a lot more recognized social situation, easier and exemplary student. Many times is linked him with witchcraft, the curse and the misfortune, causing a repetitive series of adversities. Many people to win and avoid the bad luck, bring a four leaf clover, a horseshoe, a flower of the Mandrake, a hand of Fatima or a pair of cherries as opposed to bad luck. The work of psychoanalyst begins with the conspiracy of bad luck. Patients often arrive with the belief that they are cursed or unlucky threw them a curse. And we have to make them understand that this is very true and this will continue, when they create and act accordingly.

You can also find the bad luck in the same repetition of stories of life, drugs, the indigent and homeless. In psychotherapy, the first task is to realize the power of the mind, the power of ideas and the responsibility of your beliefs. Just think to yourself, one converts the bad luck. The opposite is much more difficult, because the entropy governs the universe. Therefore, it is much easier and faster to return to smoke or grow to stop smoking and lose weight. Unfortunately, this is the energy or the degradation of entropy.