Nobel Peace Prize

Some liberals already touted that Julian Assange deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than his Barak Obama media icon, what is already said. They would do well for the United States to join such attitude, since the unveiling of the secret papers of his diplomacy leaves best to that country than those other on which chismorrean their ambassadors. One thing is stopping the soldier Bradley Manning, who leaked documents that should protect, and quite another to want to kill the Messenger, namely the creator of Wikileaks. Who before leaks believed in a Manichean world in which poor countries were subjugated by the Yankee imperialism, have now discovered the bending of regimes as the Pakistani, who plays either in favor of the Americans and the Taliban, or those Arab leaders, such as the saudi King, Abdullah, supporters secretly that it will attack to Iran rather than to Israel. Not infrequently, are themselves American diplomats who scandalize it, for example, of which the satrap of Sudan, Omar to the Bashir, treasure in British banks 6.8 billion euros while his subjects die of starvation, or hundreds of violations perpetrated by the blue helmets of the UN in Africa. And is that, like a gigantic Monipodio courtyard on a global scale, the world that reveal us the roles of Wikileaks is full of scoundrels and villains, cynical and corrupt, Crooks and thieves who, unfortunately, are those who are ruling millions of citizens..