The Human Condition

The idiots will only speak, for serious intellectual deficiency. The language will be reduced the simple gustativo agency and the vocal ropes will diminish in a fatal atrophy. In exchange the women will be quiet beautiful. the men, wisely calados.' ' They are these, the ones that inhabit here, that they cover the sojourn of immortality, and had conquered it they had deserved as it, and not only had assumed new responsibilities, because immortality it is not the immobility, are above of the Eros. In the Slap-up meal, Plato dinamiza – ' ' What it is, therefore, Eros? It will be mortal? – In way none.

– But what it is, after all, Diotime? – He is a great genius, Scrates, because all genius is between what he is mortal and what is the holy ghost. – And which the function of the geniuses? – To be messengers and the interpreters of the men for deuses and these for homens' '. *** Afora the ones that more do not inhabit and loan in lands here co-sisters the brightness of the exported talentos becoming of the literary art well-known consecrated cultores. more still the new generation that I eat the luminous accounts of a rosary already brings sedimented the erudio: Luiz Antonio Barreto and of the Alencar Luiz Carlos, Hunald, Clodoaldo and Leonardo; Jackson Cavalcante, Joo Coast, Ezequiel Hunter Eduardo Vital and Garci’a, Petrnio Gomes and other bards. Also to the women the Academy the doors must open wide coloring of stars night and day. To receive you, on behalf of as much illustrious confrades, the word would have to be stronger than the joy, as Tchen, of ' ' There Condition Humaine' ' of Malraux, j cherche one mot plus fort that Joe. Silence, not! Therefore as Edgard Allam Poe versejou. ' ' Our world is made of a thousand terms and calls Silence the calm the deserts vainest of the existing words.