Widespread Disease Of Athlete

The practice of foot fit from Erwitte informed athlete’s foot is annoying, painful and can have serious consequences. Many of those affected is however embarrassing to talk about it or to seek expert help and they procrastinate so the infection. Thus sick represent but also a threat to their fellow human beings. How does one best against existing athlete’s foot and how to effectively to protect against athlete’s foot, explains Dieter Guliczuk, foot care specialist. Athlete’s foot is not created by alone, but is always due to a previous infection.

If it is resident in tropical or subtropical climate, this also favours the formation of so-called Fussmykrose. To thrive, the thread fungus requires the warm, moist air in closed shoes. Especially the toe spaces offer the necessary breeding ground for the unpleasant fungus. It first manifests itself in the form of small white blisters that dry out later. The skin may Redden, itching occurs.

Cracks and painful inflammation are also possible. The Fussmykrose is not detected early enough and treated, can the fungus deep into the skin and their defense so severely weaken that can cause streptococcal infections and causes. In such cases, inpatient treatments will be necessary. The treatment can be done now often successfully with simple means by the patients themselves. A previous advice on the necessary preparations, such as ointments or sprays, by a pharmacist or a foot care specialist is advisable. In the treatment it arrives then on the patience of the diseased, because several weeks up to the full healing can elapse. Completely healthy skin is more resistant to fungal infections than those who are already in their defense is weakened. Athlete’s foot can be avoided only by thorough foot hygiene. Who is on the move in public facilities such as the gym or the swimming pool, should the floors not barefoot enter, since these have already been Pathogens can be covered. A family member suffers from Fussmykrose, is sure that towels and bath mats are not used, because they turn out to be an ideal habitat for the mushrooms and offer virtually unlimited potential of infection. The linen should at be at least at 60, otherwise not all bacteria can be removed. A person with athlete’s foot is infected, she should also not barefoot run over carpets, can remain here ill dander and new infections will not be avoided. Because in many cases, no success shows the self treatment however, recommend professional help from a dermatologist or medical foot care. Dieter Guliczuk treated in his practice in Erwitte/bath Westernkotte among patients with just such diseases, provides attractive feet but also through cosmetic foot care. He is always available for questions and appointments. Press contact foot fit contact person: Dieter Guliczuk Sea buckthorn ring 43a 59597 Erwitte / bad Westernkotten phone 02943 9782-37 fax 02943 9782-38 mobile 0171 6971323 email: Homepage: